Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

Asrar floats in the air continuing his fiery breath. He knows that he needs to end this quick.

Myriad grinned “looks a lot better than the cost we get on the ship!”

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“We could probably bring some big leaves with us and make a smaller mat.”
Maximus comments.

Myriad noddes. " I’ll help! "

Treadfin agreed. “Yeah! anything for a friend. Even if you are a new one.”
Whitestone looked up at maximus. "I could make you a whetstone in your ha b suite of ya want.

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“That would be nice. Thanks.”

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Whitestone nodded and grinned.

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Maximus finished sharpening his second bladed, then stored them both on his back.
“So how long until we leave anyway?”

Myriad shrugged. “I’m assuming when the fights done. We should get back before long.”

“I guess so. We can head back in a bit.”
Maximus walked over to the pile of mechanimal carcasses and picks one up.

Treadfin socks his head curiously. “What are those?”

“Food. Hunts aren’t always successful so we keep excess ones and stockpile them.”

Treadfin strokes his (nonexistent) chin.

“Huh. Good system. Not a neat storage msthod, though. I suppose it gets the job done.”

“You hungry?”
Maximus asked, motioning the carcass towards him.

Treadfin raised his eyebrow. “I would eat, but… I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to eat that. No offense, it’s just the way my body works.”

“Alright then. More for me.”
Maximus tossed the carcass into the air, then quickly transformed to beast mode. He caught it in his mouth, and easily chewed it up. Small mechanical parts and bits of scrap metal fell from his jaws as he chewed. Maximus then swallowed.

Treadfin swallowed. “I’ll never look at an animal the same again…”

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“Alright. We can head out now.”
Maximus then started walking out into the entrance/exit passageway. Axis grabbed a small mouse like machanimal out of the pile and quickly ate it before following.

the three friends climbed onto maximus’ back.
“Thanks for taking us to your home,” myriad sais. " it was lovely. "

“Thanks. Most other predacon dens are larger or more impressive, but ours is still home.”

Maximus stepped out on to the stone ledge. He was about to take off, but stopped abruptly.
'Wait, hold on a minute."

He tensed up for a brief moment, before “dispensing” a medium sized hunk of scrap metal on to the ground. He used his hind leg to kick it off the ledge.
“Alright. Now we can go.”

Maximus took off, and Axis followed close behind.

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Ooc: dispensing, lol. Good one.

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