Trust Levels

So, if I remember correctly, at some pont there was a trust level even greater than master. What happened to it? I remember it was called 'Leader'.

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It was reserved exclusively for admins and was used to do fancy admin stuff. The only way to get it is to have an admin grant it to you, which if you are not an admin, does not happen.


Oh. OK. Thanks.

how close am I to master?

just out of curiosity.

This is something better to PM to them, as otherwise it will clog up this post. I do believe they ask to be PMed as well, but please corrects me if I'm wrong.


You got it right, it's something that should be PMed


I’m not sure if this has ever been publically answered before, but how exactly do you become a Mod?

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From what I understand, you are selected from a group. You cannot apply. (with the exception of Political Slime).

According to the Eljay Johnsen show featuring PS.


I used to have the rank of master, but got demoted and never got it back, despite being very active. Why?

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As @ProfSrlojohn said, there is no formal application process. The moderators are hand picked by the staff members whenever new mods are needed.

In Slime’s case, he had sent a message to TTV asking to become a mod. And after some deliberation by the staff, he was made one when new mods were needed. However, Slime is very much the exception to the rule. Generally staff members are the ones who send messages to people they want to hire.

As such they compose a list of potential mods. So if you want to be on that list, you’d better be an upstanding member of the community- flagging spam and so forth and who knows, whenever new mods are needed they might consider you.

There are many different requirements involved with maintaining Master. You can always PM a mod to find out which requirements you currently aren’t meeting.


If you want anymore info, just read from this post onwards in the Mod Squad 2.0 topic


We have updated the requirements to reach Trust Level 1.