TTV Asks You!

Yeah, I like it the sound of that!! Thank you.

This would be really cool. I would love to see this done! :exx:

This is gonna sound dumb, but how can I delete my topics?

This the wrong topic to ask that, but short answer: you can't. Only staff have the ability to delete topics, and we usually just close and unlist.


I'm interested in that! It sound interesting. I'm assuming it's gonna be an animation series? Not sure though. Writing also sound interesting.

i think it could be cool. As long as it actually happens xD

Bump R.I.P.

I think it would be very interesting. Please maybe make a TINY, I REPEAT TINY crossover to G2. As in, someone says,

"We've found the other Vahi. It's on this weird... Okoto place."

Then some other guy says cool, don't care, and it's disregarded.

Sound cool to you guys? Or nah?

(I know a lot of people hate G2, but I like it. It is what brought me to TTV and BIONICLE itself)

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Yes. Do it please.

That would be great to see! The idea of different islands, universes and timelines developed by the Biological Chronicles means there's tons of material to write more about. If you're doing a story it would be cool to have a few MOCs of characters scattered between chapters since you guys all share cool building techniques for characters! :sunglasses:

I would be happy to see it, but I'm part of a group doing a G3, and... It might get conflictive for the readers. Just a thought.

That would be great!!!

Heres a Question. Got the G2 Mask of time Yet?

Yes, without a doubt!

I pretty much picture eternal peace in Spherus Magna, but if you wanna do it, gi ahead.

So heres a question why is the alphabet in the order that it is?


One dude was like "let's make letters be in order"

Then another was like "lets use my order"

The first was like "Yeah lets do that"

And thus the tyranny of our alphabet was born.


If you're talking about the English Alphabet, I'm pretty sure that it deals with Greek letters. 'Alpha' is Greek for beginning is 'A' the start of the alphabet. Next comes 'Beta,' or 'B.' Why the rest order in the order, they are in, I have no idea. You'd probably have to look up the origins of English as well as the languages English came from, itself.

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is "because america said so" a valid answer?

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Why is the world obsessed with attributing everything to the US.

That alphabet has been around since the Phoenicians at the very least and they predated Rome.