TTV Message Boards - 1st Anniversary Community Contest!

One year ago, on July 8th, me and Var sat down and we made these boards. We were both in separate coffee shops, thousands of miles away, and only communicating over Skype, but we made it work.

I had wanted to do a community site for a while, but it did take quite a bit of convincing for everyone to get on board (ha, get it?!). But July 7th, last year, I was driving from RTX in Austin, Texas to Florida, and at a Louisianan rest stop me and the rest of the TTV guys hashed out what we wanted the boards to be. And the next day, we did it. That quickly. I found the software, Var ran the tutorial, we figured out how Linux worked and installed our own docklet and everything.

So today, we’re celebrating the anniversary of that day where we got those boards up. It’s honestly really great seeing how far we’ve come. Here’s to going a lot farther, as Bionicle picks up steam. And to add to that celebration, we’re hosting a contest!


The theme for this year is worldbuilding. It’s no secret that we’re awaiting more Okoto information, and that up until now, we know barely anything about the new island. The goal of this contest is to do something centered around fleshing out the world of Okoto, however you guys see fit. Artwork, short story, MOC, comic, what have you; as long as it’s some form of worldbuilding, you’re good to go.


We’ve decided to split this contest up into four categories:

Artwork (including image manipulation and comics)

  • A poll featuring the entries of each category will be set up for the community to vote on.
  • Everyone will be able to decide who they feel created the best entry for each category.
  • The winner of each category will receive a custom title.


  • Follow all general member guidelines. Should be obvious, but just in case it isn’t, you should still follow the board rules and member/content guidelines.
  • All entries must be new/not posted elsewhere. You can’t just submit something you’ve done before, it needs to be some new content made during the entry period. Now, obviously, if you’ve been working on a project and haven’t shown anyone yet, you can still submit it - we honestly have no way of checking otherwise. But as a general rule, your entry has to be new content. If it was posted on the boards or on another site before the contest starts, it’s not eligible for entry.
  • One entry per person. This means you cannot enter multiple categories.
  • Non-LEGO pieces/customized pieces are allowed.
  • Photoshop/GIMP/image-editing software usage is also allowed. Using an image editing programs to enhance, add to, and overall complete your final submission is also allowed.
  • All MOCs must have a written element to them. Since the theme is worldbuilding, all MOCs must also have some description or something written attached to them. This has to be at least four sentences long.
  • Art does not necessarily need a written portion to it, but it would definitely improve your chances.
  • Written-only entries (story or otherwise) must be at least 300 words long. So long as it meets the 300 word minimum your entry can be as long as you want, but keep in mind you’re competing in a contests and the longer you make your entry the less retention it will have.


  • The four category finalists will receive a custom title of their

You have exactly three weeks to create your entry. All submissions should be posted in this topic by July 29th. You are allowed to create a topic for your entry (we recommend it).

Please format your entry as follows:

  • Title of entry: (Whatever you feel like naming your work)
  • Category: (One of the four categories listed above)
  • Link: (a link to your video, image gallery, or topic)

Short stories, you say.
My body is ready, I say.


Is it bad that I would far rather get second place than first? XD


I want second place prize more than first place prize

my dreams of being the mahvel guy will be able to become true


This topic is now listed. It will be displayed in topic lists.

Some edits have been made to the initial post, be sure to read over everything carefully!

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so I knew about this topic earlier today because kahi accidentally quoted me here and then quickly deleted it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to finish the crap out of the OOG Fire region!


I’m kind of ready for this and kind of not. A week is a pretty narrow deadline for me, despite already knowing what I want to enter.


so is there a limit to how long the story can be?

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No, there’s a limit to how short the story can be. It can be as long as you want.


mine may be a little…long


I consider myself a writing guy, so why the heck not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have one 'lil question. If I am entering the literature section, can it be a story relating to and exposing a MOC I have created and posted, but completely new and written for the contest?

The longer the story, the more world building. The more world building, the better your product! At least as far as this contest goes…



I shall start on my MOC right now…

Going to assume system is allowed (not as in the full MOC be system)

So is it that any character related to Okoto (who has a backstory) is accepted?

Would one be allowed to enter multiple entries, or one entry per category, or maybe just one entry all together?

It can, but I’ll be honest here: this is a worldbuilding contest, so while you’re more than welcome to create a character, if you built, say, a peice of machinery that the Villagers use (like this pump from MNOG I) I’d be much more impressed and likely to vote.

Anyone (everyone, really) can create a cool looking character. The focus here is worldbuilding. But hey, do what you think is best.

Well, remember: good worldbuilding =/= long stories or just more characters. It’s an art unto itself.

Accepted, yes.

You can enter once for the four categories: MOC, Artwork, Videos and Writing. So you have a total of four possible entries.