TTV Overwatch Team

We’ve got our own undefeated TTV team so like
I like, drew us lol.

We also all have nickname/titles that we never actually use but they’re still p cool.

Eljay - The Wall - Reinhardt

Jon - The Flip - Zenyatta

Meso - The Sponge - Roadhog

Prpl - The Switch - Pharah/Junkrat/DVA

Var - The Pest - Tracer

Ven - The Song - Lucio

Without Text:

ignore any typos im tired

@Ven @IllustriousVar @Mesonak @Jon @Eljay


This. This is the best thing. I love the idea of Eljay being a hulking giant. This is just amazing. Prpl, you’ve done it again.


I can relate.

This is really cool, although I’m sort of surprised that Meso became Roadhog. Considering how laid back he is, I would’ve thought him to be Lucio or perhaps 76.


Right, because 76 just screams chill and laid back.


Lapse in judgement.

You know, I definitely love the vibe from this, and being unfamiliar with Overwatch, I have to ask: is there a reason that only six of the cast are included here?

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There can only be six in an Overwatch team, and this is our most successful competitive team. This team set up has yet to lose a match of Competitive Overwatch.

This is awesome, Purple. Very, very cool!


I like Ogrewatch.

This is pretty cool.

The colours here, especially in the lower three, are really nice…


I feel like there’s a connection between the characters and the actual cast members. Especially Ven. Like, although he’s normally one of the more quite cast members, it’s not the same without 'em.

Hopefully that made sense to someone.

Love your work, Prpl.


This is really great is every way.

oh mah giosh.

Fantastic. jeez meso really let himself go after the apocalypse…


This is awesome.

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Meanwhile, Eljay got RIIIIIPPPPED!!!

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And that is why I said Lucio is the best character gameplay wise in the Favorite Overwatch hero topic. You keep yourself and others alive because of his passive heal.

Anyway, great job @prpldragon. You never seize to amaze me with your art.

I hope to be able to get in a match with you guys-TTV Cast team-I’m trying out using Reaper and am feeling pretty confidant in my game play as Reaper as I actually have a balance of being a beatstick and able to survive well. @prpldragon @Eljay Well, hope you guys have a great day.

This is so good. The blend of TTV Cast and Overwatch characters is excellent, as you can recognize who is who.

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The idea of Eljay being Reinhardt is both brilliant and hilarious. It’d be cool to see what Takuma and the others would look like.


Oh how painful it is.

Anyway this is really good and I like the little details connecting the characters to the cast members.

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Fantastic as always Prpl! I always thought Var would have been 76 tho, still it’s cool to see him as tracer.

Hey, @prpldragon! Here’s an idea for a drawing: Have Reaper from Overwatch but it’s either Umarak the Hunter or Makuta Teridax. They are rather similar in abilities and design.

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