TTV's Shirt of March Poll

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Users who vote on their choice for the ■■■■■ of March will get a discount code PM’d to them for use on the ■■■■■ of February. Be sure to leave a post saying which ■■■■■ you voted on so that we’ll know who to send it to!
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Hello and welcome to Super Ultimate ■■■■■ of the Month Extravaganza

Here you will decide which ■■■■■ gets to be added to the TTV Store as the ■■■■■ of March. Your two choices are as follows:

Control vs The Many Faces of Exx

Which design do you like more? Vote here and help decide.

  • Control by Venom
  • The Many Faces of Exx by Prpldragon

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This is awesome

I’m voting for Control by Venom. It just looks way more groovy to me.

Quick question how long is the code good for?

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Sorry Prpl but dat Control ■■■■■ looks dope af


As long as the ■■■■■ is available for sale (meaning until March 1st).

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I voted for the Exx heads; they’re so cute! <3 :slight_smile:


I too voted for the many faces of exx by purple dragon, I hope it wins.

@Venom Jesus, man, you quite literally won three fourths of the community! (24 voters: 75-25 to Venom)


Been waiting a long time for a villain ■■■■■ - though honestly was kind of expecting something different;

  • A cartoon Lord Of Skull Spiders in his web
  • A cartoon Skull Warrior clawing himself out of the ground with only hands and face visible

Though Control by Venom fits better with the whole ‘Bionicle’ theme, however cannot see non-Bionicle fans wearing it. Part of my hope with a villain ■■■■■ would be that it used one of the less recognisable Bionicle villains who could perhaps be mistaken by someone as just being a cartoon spider or a cartoon skeleton. The basic message of the ■■■■■ is that Makuta desires the Mask Of Creation (Not really accurate to the story currently… but could be in future) however he himself is being manipulated/controlled by the Mask Of Ultimate Power (a popular fan theory that i started a while back)

The appeal of the ‘many faces’ ■■■■■ is normally that it represents a popular character to begin with and to be honest, the ■■■■■ doesn’t really work for me because it designates itself as an Exxtrooper ■■■■■. First look i confused it with Veemon from Digimon or a Puffle from Club Penguin or even just a grey Angry Bird. Honestly you could probably sell a whole range of shirts with just that sort of design alone, the cuteness of the designs is perfect - though its just that title which kind of lets the ■■■■■ down. As much as a TTV fan might enjoy the design, non-TTV fans would have no idea who this represents and it cannot really be worn as a casual ■■■■■ either given it specifies its about Exxtrooper.

Voted for the ‘Control’ ■■■■■ as it overall feels like it’d be better for the Bionicle community which currently lacks a lot of things. Though if you were to remove the title from the Exxtrooper ■■■■■ and sell it as depicted in the ‘Vs’ image then it’d probably sell fairly well as a casual ■■■■■ and could appeal to a wider market than just TTV or Bionicle fans. Which i think you should do regardless of the winner.


That Control ■■■■■ is just fantastic, so I’m voting for Venom.

wowsz cameo


I am just a bit disappointed that I’m not there. :smile:

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Same, thought i was more active than most of those shown… but ah well - always next time :stuck_out_tongue:


Why Does @exxtrooper Has Less Votes

#You Are All Monsters


CONTROL, just looks more wearable.
Sorry prpl


Venom gets my vote.

we need a mod squad ■■■■■


That Control ■■■■■ is really cool. It’s like Makuta will become good again, and maybe someone else has the MoUP. 0_0

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I like how I appeared in that for 1 split second at the bottom of the list.


Great job on both shirts! Though Control would make me look much more manly…:stuck_out_tongue:


On April, can we get one with all of the cast members on it? Plz?

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