Tumult- a Dark Hunter

Tumult is an inquisitive fighter who likes exploration and joined the Dark Hunters so he could travel throughout the universe. He has power over sound, similar to a Toa of Sonics.


Don’t know if it’s the Bohrok shield head, the copious blades, or something else, but this just screams ‘Dark Hunter’ to me. Very nice!


This truly looks like it could’ve come from the pages of the dark hunter encyclopedia book. I really like how the blades on the body work into the body. Well done.

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Thanks, that’s what I was going for!

This is very cool! The torso construction is awesome.

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This just looks cool. I like the use of the Hordika armor, and I will never not like Bohrok shields as heads. The feet are a bit tenuous, though very inventive. Nice work!

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