Turahk G3 Personality? [Characters]

The Turahk- Nuhrii
The wise Nuhrii lives a life of decadence, for his status as Warlord of one of five Mangaiian kingdoms grants him unwavering support and trust from his dour subjects. Nuhrii rose to power through an uncharacteristic stern graciousness, unwavering moral compass, and a mind for strategy. To his people, he seems to be a different kind of breed, for he takes cautious thought before speaking, he observes carefully before responding, and his soft-spoken nature may lead his inferiors to perceive a false aura of weakness.
In Mangaiian culture, though, where the mighty rule, Nuhrii’s quick wit and extensive knowledge are not enough. No, Nuhrii is truly most valued for his strategic mind- a mind that has not only commanded victory after victory against the Ihuan armies, but against those Mangaiian few that would still oppose him.
Nuhrii is certainly not one without flaw. His extended absences from society, his isolated home atop an eerie spire, his distant, reclusive personality- they point to something almost sinister. In the last year, the Mangaiians under his command have noticed an even greater level of solitude from their leader than is usual- for now, all his free time is spent in the library, reading, or in the old ruins, exploring. There is good reason for this: Nuhrii fears. He fears a great many things: He fears expulsion from his kingdom; he fears moral inaccuracy; he fears embarrassment; he fears intimacy, and most of all, he fears his potential legacy.

As Warlord of one of Five Mangaiian Warrior-Kingdoms, Nuhrii answers to the Turaga, who commands overall control of the Mangaiians. As leader, his duties include attending the Mangai Convocations and setting social, military, and domestic policy for the tribe. Nuhrii is also expected to lead offensive strikes against his enemies, and to approve trade deals with the other elemental tribes and Mangaiian Kingdoms.
The Cultist
Nuhrii resides in a tall, lighthouse-like tower (known as “the spire” by the Mangaiians), where he is provided with life’s necessities, in addition to an expansive library full of works by countless Artakhan Philosophers, military tacticians, politicians, and historians. Nuhrii rarely leaves his living quarters anymore, except his weekly trips to the old ruins- ruins of the destroyed 6th mangaiian kingdom. It is here that Nuhrii hosts the meeting place of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and it is here that the Brotherhood plots against all other Artahkan Matoran. Nuhrii leads the brotherhood for the same reason he leads the Mangaiians- his aloof nature and unwillingness to engage in idle talk leads the others to believe he holds some greater knowledge or wisdom. His sharp few words put the Brotherhood members in their place early on, and their nervousness and respect keep them in line. Additionally, Nuhrii is far and away the wealthiest cultist, with the most astute public image, and his status and power is in large part what allows the gatherings to take place at all.

“Louder words most often compensate for a lesser significance”
“What is reality, Toa? You and I have very different realities- perhaps there is no truth to anything. Only perspective.”

I don’t really think anybody is going to care much for this, but I had fun. Maybe I’ll do the other five, later, too. Who knows. For Turahk, I thought it would be kind of interesting to have a sympathetic villian, on who you might actually agree with or relate to sometimes. The Krika of the group. Don’t be afraid to criticize; tell me what your honest opinions are. :slight_smile: thanks for reading, guys, if you did.


He fears… good lead into the Rahkshi power.


I think that this idea is absolutely amazing. I really like how you incorporated fear into his character. I’m not sure how much this aligns with the current plans for Mangaian Culture, but the cast should definitely look this over. Great pitch!

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It is cannon that the Rahkshi were our old Metru Nui Matorans?

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im loving the g3 elements, if any ttv member reads this I think the the Rahkshi should have 6 leaders. One fore each element. I think that they should have a form of “troops” that they can tell what to do. Each of the 6 leaders will have armies of smaller Rahkshi. The opposite element to a can defeat that Rahkshi. For example, a to a of water toa could defeat the fire Rahkshi army.

Interesting how the personality of Nuhrii was grafted onto Norik with the switch to use the Rahaga in place of the Great Disk Matoran. Nuhrii ended up playing quite a different role in my pitch, The Legend of Vakama, but I did try to write a few details so that they would line up with your pitch(though I wasn’t aware who’s it was at the time). Namely that Tametru was established as a former city of Mangai before being left in ruins. I tried to hint within my own story that Norik’s spire was actually part of the ruined Royal Palace for the Monarchy at the time.

I also owe a lot to this pitch because, it’s in depth writing inspired my Pouks pitch which was later canonized. For that, I thank you :blush:

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Wait Pouks pitch was cannon?
Okay, let me change that on the other thread. Was it Brainstorm 17?

Thanks, My memory forgets me.

It was in Brainstorm 18, actually

Very glad you liked it!
Especially so after reading your (extensive) Legend of Vakama pitch; I was impressed by its detail and pleased by Nuhrii’s role

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