Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

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that’s why I don’t listen to Rukah


I agree with everyth-

yes well

I mostly agree with everything you just said.


If you think The Mandalorian isn’t good, that’s not an unpopular opinion, just the wrong one.


the mandalorian’s more lawful neutral than anything


Lawful to the lowering of standards.


We need more torso pieces for the inika build. The only one I can recall is the one introduced for the piraka.

Also I think more moccists should polish their 3d prints because keeping all the layer lines and polygons from the model makes it really distracting when you decide to paint over it. This applies to resin as well. I love the mask but I do not want my moc to look like it’s cosplaying a nintendo 64 character.


I agree with the smoothing thing because it’s an issue I’ve seen with many custom 3D printed pieces, especially masks.

Layer lines aren’t really something the modelers are responsible for, though. At least if the model is high-res enough. Those are normally an issue either with the 3D printer, the resolution settings on the print, or a lack of any sanding on the printed piece after it’s been printed.

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Tahu Master is the worst 2015 toa


Unpopular Bionicle opinion, they should not have made any of the movies, they were a waste of time, money and resources that could have been spent elsewhere.

Edit: To clarify, the resources should have went towards better games or something like a TV Show (Which can cram in a lot more character and world building), which by now could hold the same nostalgia as the Pokemon show, Clone Wars, Avatar etc. Not movies that inaccurately portrayed the lore and were cringe reskins of existing movies (Star Wars, LoTR etc.)


unpopular but oh so based


Imagine if those resources were used to improve on MNOG’s design in new installments.

Every major arc in Bionicle could have gotten a MNOG style game.


Exactly my thoughts! A Metru Nui Online Game… :star_struck:


Well, there was a Voya Nui online game.

yeah, but that was neither canon nor enjoyable.

then Bionicle wouldn’t have been as multimedia- that was one of the selling points: “See your favourite toys in cool online games and in DVD movies!” so while i do somewhat agree with you saying they could’ve spent the resources elsewhere- i don’t think a Metru nui online game or something would be the way to go. Mnog is really only still mentioned because of the enormous nostalgia factor for many fans (not me since i got introduced to bonkle in '09, so maybe that explains why i don’t have much to say about the game.) And personally i see no real reason to play Mnog over any other early 2000’s point-and-click. Now i understand the limitations of technology back then made it seem more cool, and that i’m just a cringe zoomer who doesn’t know how good he’s got it, but i think that the way Lego handled Bionicle online and on DVD was pretty good. to paraphrase Mr O’hare:
“The more bionicle-related products on the shelves, the more bionicle fans will buy!”
i don’t really know where i was going with this post


They should’ve just done more of those cool commercials I always liked watching


That’s precisely why MNOG’s design could have benefited from more resources being focused on improving the flaws of MNOG and enhancing its strengths.

Also I think Lego multitasking Bionicle’s media in several different mediums prevented them from being exceptional at one or two of them. Quality over quantity.

Edit: I think it’s worth mentioning that a crucial part of what makes MNOG so nostalgic for fans is that it does a solid job at world building. We get to see the island of Mata-Nui and the 6 Matoran cultures expressed through visual and verbal storytelling, and Lego never really did anything like that again.


The story wasn’t, but the world and rahi were.


Except for maps 1-something or other. If you use the cheats, some areas exist that are clearly test levels for Voya Nui online game.

what’s to say that it would have been handled any better if it was a TV show instead?

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Some “action” shows from around the 2000s are now classics and well regarded, such as Star Wars; The Clone Wars or Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m only speculating, as again, it hinged on TLG hiring good writers, nailing down a distinct art-style etc.

Episodes of a show could have been anywhere 15 to 30 minutes, it only takes a few episodes to exceed the run time of a direct to dvd movie, and thus cram in way more varied character development and world building. Simultaneously, the short run time of each episode forces writers not to just reskin existing films but rather take an episodic approach like seen in the Bohrok animations.