Unpopular opinions about music

So uh, idk why this isn’t a thing. Here we go: Piraka rap is unironically better than most modern rap. And my gf likes it, and she listens to it pretty consistently


I would actually agree

Also, most modern pop is bad


Is disliking most modern pop music unpopular by definition, or does it count as a popular, if countercultural, opinion? :thinking: Wow, I had started typing this before Nogus posted, wasn’t meant to be questioning their post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhh… people need to listen to more jazz. Maybe that’s an unpopular thing to think nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:


That raises a legitimate question - is an opinion “unpopular” because it’s held by a minority, or because certain “tastemakers” have voiced a contrary opinion that everyone seems to follow?

In this case, ‘I don’t like modern pop’ is probably not a majority opinion, since pop music has the assumption that the majority of people will like it, but in the rock/metal circles that I identify most with, most people there would dislike it, and the vocal ‘tastemakers’ would voice that same opinion. As a metal fan, liking pop music would be considered an unpopular opinion.

Anyway, my controversial opinion is that Nickelback isn’t as bad as the ‘popular opinion’ would have you believe.


music isn’t good anymore

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That’s a good point

am I the only one who likes the rap segment from bionicle age unironically?

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wait… she listens to modern rap or the piraka rap?

I tend to agree, I am not impressed by modern pop, In fact I haven’t been interested in any pop since 2012-13.

I wish that American pop had followed some of the Euro-pop that existed around that era as well. I really like the Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak and I wish American pop had kept some of the key features that existed in his music, non-synthesized instruments, interesting rythms, and cliche lyrics, I would rather listen to a song about a happy world than a song filled with swearing and dark themes.


five characters

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C418s other music eclipses the music he made for minecraft. (His other stuff is better)

My girlfriend also likes the piraka rap, fellow chad. I do not care for modern rhythmically applied phrasing, vulgar language is a sign of a poor vernacular.


the term is actually “rhythm and poetry”

as one of my professors said, “obscenity is the hallmark of an amateur”


Agreed. I’ll even sometimes prefer clean versions of songs, and stay away from stuff with heavy drug, alcohol, and suggestive themes

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No, you’re wrong. I am correct.


rap bad


Beethoven’s 9th gets all the hype, but I enjoy the 7th more.


Beethoven schmethoven, Chopin is where it’s at :stuck_out_tongue:


You clearly are mistaken

nevermind then, I recall watching the channel of a member of the ttv message boards, and they swore a few times and I couldn’t remember who it was for some reason. Sorry about that!

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Making your song needlessly complex with weird, changing time signatures and convoluted rhythms doesn’t necessarily make it better or good.

A lot of anime songs seem to do this.