Upcoming Lego Bionicle Facebook Contest

Alright, not sure if I have this in the right place, but I happened to notice lego has a contest up their sleeve for october. I happened to be perusing the facebook page, and noticed a new link called Competition T&Cs. Not sure how long it’s been up there for, but doesn’t seem anyone has taken notice of it. Here is the link to the terms and conditions.

Now from what I have read through it, competition will be from october 12th to october 31st, and the goal is to build a mask, made of lego constraction and lego technic bricks. The prize is supposedly a solid 14k gold mask, likely the mask of creation.

I do have a copy of the Terms and conditions incase the page is taken down or something… But yeah figured it was worth bringing up.

Also I sincerely apologize if there is some policy against reporting such news…


From October 12, 2015 to October 31, 2015, participants are asked to build a mask made, of LEGO Constraction and LEGO Technic bricks and then upload a picture of the model. It is legitimate to use LEGO system bricks for the build to add color and details.

Sounds interesting though depends how many bricks people have… which is going to mean those with a ton of Lego likely have a higher chance of winning


That’s typically what it comes down to in any of these building contests, but it’s still interesting enough, and my main purpose for creating this topic was just to report on it, hopefully before anyone else notices it. So rare that I actually stumble upon news like this before it’s common knowledge.

Yeah, well thanks for reporting on it. Will give us all more time to prepare for the contest also :slight_smile:

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Wow, This is my last chance. Seeing as this is titled mask maker it’s most definitely the MoC. Shame I have such limited system parts, but it’s likely this’ll be the case with alot of people (alot of entries were from kids who entered via parents facebook), so actleast I stand a chance against those many multicoloured masks to come


I predict many creative entries. I’m looking forward to this.

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This sounds interesting. :smile:

That’s it. Contest’s over. Don’t even try.


Remember that Legoland brick built hau?
I bet some kid is going to use that.


Well it has to be contraction built, not system built.

explain how you would make a mask purely out of constraction without it looking horrible without being jangbricks?, it even says in the terms of service that it can use system

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Actually NorbyZERO does a bunch of constraction-based masks


As an example:


Wow, Definitely going to enter this! :smiley:

Do we know if these have to be based off current masks, life size or set size?

By mask, do they mean canon BIONICLE masks or?..

@Barkel @Swag-O-Lantern Truthfully no clue. The only details we have currently are in the Terms and Conditions, though I imagine once they release the actual contest, details will get a bit clearer. Though I can’t imagine they would restrict it only to canon masks.


participants are asked to build a mask made, of LEGO Constraction and LEGO Technic bricks and then upload a picture of the model. It is legitimate to use LEGO system bricks for the build to add color and details.

As you can see, system bricks are meant to only be used as accent pieces, not as the primary method of building. And as @Crunchy pointed out, it’s perfectly doable.

And @Crunchy I was wondering when someone was going to bring up that Vahi… Has it still proudly built on his display shelf

Yes but if I used a technic underbuild and put a bunch of system on top it would still count.

@Crunchy ok maybe you dont have to be jangbricks to make constraction masks.

Trust me (I’ve done it plenty of times), it’s alot easier to just do it with constraction and technic, with better results. System would require too many parts and I find it’s alot easier to get a good shape by using constraction. There are a ton of curved and some bendy pieces, but system is restricted by angles, thickness and sharp corners.

I litterly threw together a skull spider mask made of system, that can be improved and has some weird bits about it, with contraction I always feel frustrated because the hard angle I imagine on my head with bones and joints end of getting shifted.

As did I, and its shaping is hard to get right. Besides you can only use system to add colours/little details. It has to be mostly technic and/or constraction.