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I’m honestly surprised this does’t exist yet…

There’s been A LOT of talk about usernames recently (what with some 3 Artakhas on the Boards), so I figured a topic was in order. What’s your main username? Why did you choose it? Does it have any significance? etc.

I guess I’ll start since I’m making this topic. My username was not always Political_Slime. (gasp) As some old farts may remember, I was ToaNuju120 when I first joined the Boards. That username goes back to when I made an account on in 2005. I wanted to play games or use a code or something, so I typed in “Toa Nuju”, a set I had recently acquired. However, that username was already taken. One of the suggestions was “Toa Nuju120”, so I chose that. I used it for pretty much everything; e-mail, Club Penguin, WebKinz, YouTube, etc.

Political_Slime is a relatively recent username, being just over two years old. In 2012, I had just discovered Minecraft, and wanted desperately to buy it. My account was originally going to be ToaNuju120, but I’m one of those weirdos who likes their skin to match their username. I tried to make my own Nuju skin, and failed miserably. However, my mind had been bent on politics that year (for reasons that should not be discussed on this site). For whatever reason, my brain spit out the image of a Minecraft Slime as a politician, so I went from their. When I finally got MC, I set my username as “Political_Slime”.

tl;dr version: ToaNuju120 was my OG name, but because of MC I’m Political_Slime.



I am ngram.


TFanPage101 - Refers to me FB Page.
TOAOFULTIMATEDOOM - Better than ToaBrian27.


Oh great. Now I’ll never be able to tell who you are.

Willess has always been my self-assigned nickname (After I grew out of that phase where I liked the name Joe) And I was 12 when I made my E-mail account, so I stuck that number in, and it’s just stuck since then.


I came up with the name Vuhii while playing Halo. It just randomly popped into my head.


Stoax is a name that dates back to 2011, basically one day I wanted to make a Matoran self MOC as I never really had one. Upon completion of the MOC, I was trying to think of a name for him which was a little difficult though in the end, because he was a Po- Matoran and carried a pickaxe, I made a portmanteau of the words Stone and Axe which made, Stoaxe. The name really stuck with me and I would use it nearly everywhere, BZpower (StoaxTheCarver), Minecraft (stoaxe99), etc. The only place I didn’t use it was for my YouTube name, which was instead CHRISsBRICKs (Not sure how Stoax Reviews would sound). However, I though Stoaxe didn’t seen very bionicle-ey, so I kicked of the E and bam! Stoax.

Short version: I had a MOC and through the magic of portmanteaus, I got Stoax


mine is a bit of a story (not a long one though) it started with me and a group of friends sitting down and joking around a bit. We were throwing around youtube names and at one point I threw in the name Middlefingerstudios everyone had a good laugh and I ended up changing my youtube name to it a few years ago after those friends moved away, granted I still stay in contact with them and they laughed their butt off when I told them what I did, so in a way my name is in memory to my friends (don’t worry they are still alive, I just miss them)


I’ve used Helryx08 for a bit now. On Quizlet, Steam, here, Youtube, some other places I’m forgetting…

But yeah. I chose the name because Helryx is one of my favorite obscure characters, and she was first given her name in 2008, one of my favorite story years.


Well my username is StudentScissors because one time I put a box on my head and it was a shipping box from staples and it had been used to ship scissors. These particular scissors where called SrudentScissors which was labeled upside down on the front of the box. So now I am Student who learns to snip…


Well, my name’s Oonie, so…I’m Oonie. ;D


Long ago, there was a discussion between me and my mom. Somehow, we started talking about a squirrel and beaver hybrid. We reached a conclusion it’d be called a squeaver. And then about 3 months later, I end up drawing it. I referred to myself as the King of them. And then, I became the SQUEAVERKING.


I was thinking of a name for a moc and charyas popped into my head.


I lay ultimate claim to the username of Artakha, as I’ve gone by Artakha, Artakhafan, or some variation thereof on most everything since I joined BS01 in 2010. I believe I joined for the Tobduk building contest and I was at the time a MAJOR fan of how Artakha was first portrayed in story so I took the name since no one else had on BS01 at that point.

P.s. Look in the trivia section of the Tobduk page to see who won the building contest coughyesthat’smecough


Millsy came from my OG MOCpages username, The Millennium Warrior.

People don’t like typing alla dat out, so it got shrunk down to Mills(y).

HordikaMillsy was my LoL name. I don’t play LoL anymore.

MillsyUnderscore is literally because, on MOCpages, one needs a first and last name, so my new MP name ended up being Millsy _.

I felt that simply typing in the underscore character was too bland here on the Boards though, so I ended up writing the word out instead (that is, after I decided to switch from HordikaMillsy).

Also, there are times where I was ‘the’ Millsy, but that has kinda dropped.


I used to go by Starscream36 on a bunch of things, mainly youtube, and for some reason youtube made me change my name, and at the time I really liked the pokemon Shaymin, so I changed it to that. The 36 though, was just random numbers I picked.

I used to go by a few different names, mainly “jedi299” and “Jumpingbob”. The latter of which was my LU character’s name. The former was four-year-old me being dumb and picking that for my username.


My name has changed quite a bit over the years. Around 2011, I went by Ventum the half demon. This was a reference to Ventum, whom was my self MOC, and the fact that he was half a demon. Nothing more.
Around 2013, I joined a MOCist group, and was then given the nickname “Mittens” due to Ventum’s horns. So, I changed my name to Ventum (Mittens) to accommodate the change. I’ve kept this nickname for a little while.
Recently however, I’ve been going by a few different things. Now I just call myself Ventum usually. Ventum, however, isn’t my Self MOC anymore, and is now more of a mascot. I didn’t want to change it, because I did not want to confuse people with a random, abrupt name change. I have also, however, been going by just Mittens, or, my new self MOC’s name, which is Kolk.

So, in short, my current username is just generally Ventum. The significance behind it is the fact that Ventum is my longest surviving MOC. I quite like the name, but that’s just my opinion, as I’m biased ^^


Well, here’s a big history of usernames that I went by on BZPower, thank goodness I saved the list. I’ll just list all the unique ones, I switched back and forth between some (I’ll italicize those lol)

2004 to 2008:
Ninjamaster501 (See? I capitalized it)
-NM- Killa
-NM-© Killa™

So NM meant ninjamaster, and Killa came from a Halo 2 profile I saw on my friend’s Xbox that I thought sounded really cool so I combined the two.

2008 to Present:
-Makuta Antroz-
Shadow Antroz
Mangekyou Itachi
Unit #ITCHI (Mangekyou)
Tenebrae Invictus
Phantom Lord

So I met Meso around the time I had the Unit #ITCHI one since that was part of the Vahki fad I ended up leading that he followed me on. Then I switched back to Mangekyou Itachi and started using that on the BZP Chat where I met everyone on (well, 98% of the people that used that chat are dead, most of the people who are still around are in TTV) so that’s the name people like Meso started to get to know me by. Then I switched to Invictus and then a few months later Tenebrae Invictus, and that one was the one I stuck with, and as of October 2009 that’s been the one I’ve used, aside from those two fad names after it. : P


Esquire is a fancy title, that’s why I like it now.

Though I’m not going to say where I first learned of the title and why I decided on (and liked) it due to slightly embarrassing origins.


I dunno how to put it in words, so here’s a video.

FUN FACT: I originally planned to use Alucard as my username