Vahki in Brickonicle [Worldbuilding][Pitch]

Inspired by @Gresh113 in Matoran Ideas.

Instead of being an entire plethora of robots acting as enforcers, the Vahki could be a small collection of prototype robots created by Nuparu (connecting her to her G1 counterpart). Their existence could be the reason Nuparu is banished from her home, due to their disturbing designs. They would act as Nuparu’s guards and helpers in her mobile workshop.


I really like this idea. I can see how it pulls from the backstory of the Kralhi in G1, and their relation to the Matoran Mavrah and to Nuparu.

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@Gresh113 I just realized how similar the Krahli and G3’s Panrahk look from an anatomical perspective.

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