Vorahk's Origins [Idea][Character]

No one talks about Vorahk.

In talking about the G3 Rahkshi, the only people talked about are Turahk and Lerahk. Every Rahkshi has received a backstory, but I can’t even remember Vorahk’s. So, I would like to beef up the story a bit.

So, Lerahk is the only Rahkshi with personal connections to a Toa? That makes sense and is all fine and dandy, thus avoiding the Spider-Man Dilemma. But I had an idea which would require Vorahk, or Bomonga, as he would be called, to have a personal connection with Korgot/Onua. What if Vorahk was formerly Onua’s son?

So, to have this idea, it needs to bend the established story a bit. So, Korgot is a family man, but he’s also a scholar. Sometimes, more often than not, Korgot’s scholar-ing gets in the way of family togetherness. This has some effects on Korgot’s three children; Onepu, the youngest, who more or less doesn’t notice anything (gender-swapped); Kaj, the middle child, who has developed a sense of shyness around his father; and Bomonga, the oldest. This off-and-on neglect has affected him the most. He hungers for his father’s love, yearns for it, would do anything to make him his father’s only focus. But nothing works.
Along comes the fledgling Brotherhood of Makuta. Norik, the leader, knows how to pick his converts. Seeing the desire in young Bomonga’s eyes, he promises the Onu-Matoran that if he joins the Brotherhood, his father’s focus will be all but guaranteed. The only caveat will be some side jobs for the kid to work on. Bomonga thinks, than agrees to join the Brotherhood in secret.
But, like all stories like this one, what started as odd jobs like cargo-carrying and some vague muscle became strong-arming hapless citizens and going down a path into anarchy. This hunger has festered deep within, and Bomonga has become what seems to be two different people; a caring, cool older brother and son on the outside, but inside he has become someone willing to do anything to reach his goal. Finally, at the end, becoming terrifying bull-like creature, little more than mindless muscle, with a real, insatiable hunger for material food. But, with Korgot now a Toa who the Rahkshi fight everyday, Norik was, it seems, right; in battle, Onua’s only focus is Vorahk, his fallen son.

So, what do you think? Please point out any canon flaws. And I will see you next time.


Interesting premise. Correct me if I’m wrong, though, but isn’t Vorahk’s original name Bomonga, in keeping with the Rahaga theme?

Other than that, I like how Vorahk’s is originally Korgot/Onua’s son–it adds a lot of flavor to the character.


I like that people are paying more attention to the other Rahkshi, and Onua’s family. Nice work.

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It’s all fun and games till someone points out that love isn’t Canon, so “families” and “sons” can’t really exist. But other than that good story.

i actually wrote my own backtstory for Vorahk (plus the other Rahkshi):

It’s actually all not fun and games until you realize that this is G3, where Love is canon, and Onua’s family is already considered canon to TTV.

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Alright. I was making a joke. Just wanted to clarify that I wasnt trying to sound rude if I did come across that way. Good job!

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I like this quite a bit. Can’t have all of the Rahkshi suddenly being related to the Toa, like you said, but I love how specifically this plays off of Korgot.

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The only part I don’t like is making Onua have some neglectful traits. He’s the family man who becomes the father figure to the other Toa (especially Lewa). So saying he had some issues with his family doesn’t fit as well. It may work well for Vorahk’s story, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of a key trait of one of the Toa.


really think onua as vorhak’s son would make more sense

That would make Vorahk really old. Onua is supposed to be the equivalent of in his 40s or something like that.

oh thought he was a lot younger ! and why does Onua have to be the old man of the team other than that unused G1 concept? I mean I was hoping for 18 on Onua’s part

I toyed around with the idea that Bomonga was born to a high profile military family back when Tiro was a major military power. Being bon physically weak led him to turn to more intellectual pursuits creating prosthetic limbs to help Tiroans with similar ailments. The Tiroan military took interest and appointed him as a member of their science division, where he took his prosthetic designs and applied them to weapons. Then when the Tiroan military downsized, he fell on hard times, joined the revolution to restore the military for a time, but hungered for more and was approached by the Brotherhood, and the rest is history.

My other idea was that he was a doctor who gave up so much of his life to helping others and making several breakthroughs in medicine before his own health started to decline, and not wanting to give into death, tried finding ways to prolong his life. Eventually the Brotherhood would approach him and Norik would tell him how he could prolong his life to nigh immortality. Obviously he’d leave out the part about draining other people to do it. Then when Bomonga inevitably realizes this, he goes insane and develops a sort of Bruce Banner/Hulk or Jekyll/Hyde split personality and flits between the Good Doctor Bomonga and the Brutish Vorahk.

I figured at least some of the Rahkshi are not outright evil, so much as they are broken people who tried to get their lives back together and were preyed upon by people like Norik. Iruni started out as a nicer person before he dove deeper into the Brotherhood’s dealings. Pouks tried to get his life back together before he basically rationalized that he was trying to hold onto the illusion of control. Kualus, I understand wanted to bring honor back to his family by restoring what he believed to be his family’s rightful spot on the Ihuan throne. Gaaki is the only one of the Rahkshi who seems to be the least defined as far as I know, but correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m really curious to see how G3 continues, as we still have three Rahkshi without updated confirmed backstories. I really want to see how or if the cast likes these Vorahk pitches, or my Guurahk pitch…

An idea that I prefer, while a little cliche, is this:

Bomonga was a scholar in the Archive who hungered for knowledge. He was obsessed with learning; to the point that he studied a wide range of fields and refused to acknowledge any rivals to his knowledge; all that mattered was the pursuit. When Norik approached him for information on the Mask of Time, the potential to gain insight into Makuta and the power of the Mask was too much for Bomonga to resist. After becoming the Rahkshi Vorahk, his interests turned to the Toa - a new source of information to study.

Could certainly be expanded of course.


So a scholar turned into a monstrous form… he could have a Jekyll and Hyde vibe.

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