Was There Ever a Copper Hau?

While on brick link, I ordered a mask that claimed to be a copper hau (tahus mask). Can anyone confirm the existence of a copper hau or was the person simply mistaken and actually had a metallic gold hau?


there is a bronze/copper colored hau, I think there was

Yea im pretty sure there was one. I recall seeing n a photo somewhere, but when I search it up on google all I see are copper hunas and komaus, no hau, so im not sure if i got a metallic gold or a copper one.

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No, there never was one. The seller probably has it confused with the gold Hau, like you said - that or it’s a custom.

I think the seller confused, as far as I’m aware there’s only copper Huna and Komau, you can check BS01 for the copper kanohi and the various versions/colorations of the Hau

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I only know of the copper Huna.

The gold coloring back in the day was very close to copper. Looking at a gold hau in front of me, I can definitely see how someone could mistake it for copper


Like he said, gold looked sort of copper, so that’s likely what it is.

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Note how similar the copper and gold are. They probably just mistook the '01 gold Hau for copper.

(Kapura’d to the maximum extent)


ive got an old gold one that i thought was copper, its darker than my gold miru’s and kakama

Most people are saying that its the gold hau, which is disappointing, but still cool

@Mechmaster oh ok so he must’ve confused it with mettalic gold then. Man i was relly hoping it was a copper hau

@Pereki it was in the parts section, ot custom so i can only assume that is isnt copper and that its metallic gold

As far as this post shows, these are the only 2 copper masks

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Oh man, I wish it was mine.

Sadly, that picture actually belongs to Google Images. :confused:


Soooooo . . .
How do I tell y’all this?
(Golden pakari for reference)

(Second picture just for doubters who want to see production marks)
So yeah, copper masks definitely exist, but idk about a hau (don’t have one)

Edit: sorry abt the double posting, it’s been a while since I last was actively here

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Huh, that’s peculiar. Do you remember where you got that golden pakari from? The color looks a bit off to me.

just a local lego store. I have several other gold kanohi, all of them match color, so it’s not like it’s spray paint or something.

edit: just noticed the “copper” masks are slightly translucent

Does old gold decolor into copper, just like white turns into tan after sun exposure?

The masks on the right look more Ike the gold masks I have than the one on the left; where’d you get the left one?

As I said before, at a local lego store.