What does this mean for the rejected Bionicle Idea?


I am a little lost on what this means for Sokoda’s rejected Bionicle Ideas submission. Could we see it make a comeback?

I mostly just don’t understand how these sets will be produced. Are they allowed to introduce pieces in new colours? What is the relation to Bricklink? How is this different from the regular Ideas process?


Even though it might be unlikely for the Sokoda’s project to be made I still hold onto hope it happens.


I’m really want this to come to fruition, but I’m not getting my hopes up.


Basically, you order all the individual parts through brick link. It’s no different than buying an existing set, by buying all of the parts individually (possibly even from different sellers).

A better comparison would be buying someone else’s moc, since it isn’t officially a Lego set. Like, say, if someone were selling Hoseryx.


That’s kind of how I was understanding it, but that doesn’t quite make sense to me. Why does Lego need to be involved for me to buy some parts off of Bricklink?

Will they be releasing “official” instructions, at least?

And if that’s all they’re doing, why not just make instructions for every rejected Idea?

Also, wasn’t there mention of “preorders”? What would I be preordering?

Maybe Lego will compile the parts for me through some kind of official Lego Bricklink store?

It seems like this program will be run identically to the one from a few years ago, but I don’t really get how that one worked either.

EDIT: I found this from a few years back:


To me, it seems like this is basically just regular Lego ideas, except you can only buy it through Bricklink.


Maybe custom prints or recolors? Not really familiar with how BL works in terms of parts lists.

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I think that would be the idea.
Basically a message to the creator like “hey, your set got rejected, but you still want people to be able to get your set? Well, give us instructions, and we’ll sell them to people! Please read all fine print.”
agreeing to this deal automatically makes you property of the illuminati.

TLG is in no way implicated in the consequences of selling one’s soul during this contract

I thought everything already was tho…


So this topic was basically my first thought upon hearing this announcement. now here’s the thing A lot and I mean around 70% of submitted ideas sets are based on intellectual properties, and for lego to makes sets of them they would have to go through Ḻ̴̀̇͠i̷̢͑̇͝c̷̪̥̍̄̇e̸̼̐̍n̵͙̎͋͒ͅs̸͓̜̿̚î̶͈̳͌̂n̸̦̿g̸̡̦̲̈́̐. So the majority of these are probably going to be sets that don’t have to be licensed. Does this mean that the bionicle ideas set could still happen maybe maybe not, for now all we can do is hope.


You make a good point. Lego has stated that IP-related Ideas will not be considered for this project. So, taking a look back at all of the rejected Ideas (As of the September 2020 Review):

-Total: 217

-Fictional IP: 79 (36.4%)
-Brand-based, or other real-world objects/locations: 93 (42.9%)
-Generic: 44 (20.3%)
-Lego-owned IP: 1 (0.5%)

Admittedly, there may have been some crossover between “Generic” and “Real-world” (does Lego need a license to make Machu Piccu?)

But your point still stands: A majority (approximately three quarters) of rejected Lego Ideas require some kind of licensing, and will not be considered.

I think I’ve figured out another part of this mystery: These sets being produced are NOT produced through Lego; the packaging and instructions are all produced by BrickLink. It’s kind of like if I started mass ordering large amounts of Lego bricks and shipping them out with custom packaging and instructions.

This is why IPs are being taken off of the table. Unfortunately, I think this also means that recolours and prints are also off the table.

(Though BrickLink is now owned by Lego. Maybe they can get prints that way?)

Also, someone asked these questions in the comments of the post on Ideas, regarding prints, recolours, and viable IPs, and the answer from Lego was basically “We don’t know, more details to come”.


I think the producing and distributing will work similar to the AFOL designer program that Bricklink ran a while ago.


I don’t see any mention of Bionicle in that article. And if the sets they’re releasing aren’t even official Lego sets, then…I don’t know if I can get excited about this.

There’s also no mention of any other specific Idea. What’s your point?

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My point is that there’s no reason to get our hopes up. Just like before, there is no guarantee that Bricklink, or Lego, or whoever will make the set that we want.

Yeah, no kidding.

I’m asking if it’s even a possibility. Will it even be considered, given the fact it’s an IP? But it’s a Lego-owned IP? What about recolours and prints?

Not hoping for something because it might not work out is a pretty crappy way of thinking.

(And remember, this is going to be a pure fan vote. No review. Given how fast it reached 10,000 the first time, I don’t see why this couldn’t be top-voted again, assuming they put it in the vote in the first place.)


With the result of the designer program crowdfunding from earlier this week in. I think part of the failure with Sokodas project could boil down to scalpers as the castle set appeared up on ebay during the preorder phase on thursday. So maybe Bonicle didn’t get the fairest of shots in that regard, LEGO is making an announcement about the scalpers issue next week so hopefully that gives some clarity or new info.
However I’m still quite disappointed in the results. While it shouldn’t be treated as anybodys fault for it flopping. Its also quite frustrating to see people speak up last minute and say the set wasn’t good enough for them.
Because if the set was so disliked as it apparently was then how come it made it this far through the process? This is something that boogles my mind a bit. There probably was other projects which could have performed better but how come we supported the project the majority disliked? I’m generally confused right now.


Well I kind of agree here but at the same time, I think what made the set come this far were all of the unique designs and prints that were included when the model was first uploaded to LEGO IDEAS. I feel like once they were out, that pretty much killed it. Nonetheless I agree; probably some scalping going on with the Forestmen set. Come to think about it: 5,000 for the whole world is nothing, especially not for such a great set of which we haven’t seen any for a long time. I hope LEGO will release more of these because even apart from the scalpers, there is demand. It was sold out here in the Netherlands within 30 minutes after launch and I noticed major lagg on the site when the sales started.

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A lot of people disliked Sokoda’s project long before it was even proposed for the crowdfunding (some even as early as the time when the set was gathering support). I saw a tone of super negative comments on Discord in servers such as Masterpiece tearing the thing to pieces for being just a “crappy diorama”, with little to no value to people who aren’t very invested in the Bionicle story.
I was like, the only person in that server that tried defending the project, lol.
So yeah, I guess there always was a lot of negativity around this set, I guess the people who disliked it just weren’t as vocal about it except within their own circles.
As for why this one in particular got the most support, that could easily be attributed to the fact that TTV promoted it so heavily.