What happened to All insane Kids?

So I was just wondering what ever happened to All Insane Kids? they made like two songs for bionicle and that was it. So do you know what happened?


I have no idea.

AIK also stands for “asylum, inside, kryptonite”
In other words, by putting the All Insane Kids into an asylum, they were weakened and defeated

were they an actual band? I thought they were a proto-Cryoshell: a band for Bionicle that only did Bionicle, and died immediately after it was needed. Was that not the case?

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This is my understanding as well.

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To clarify, I understand that Cryoshell has worked on non-Bionicle things, but it was initially conceived as a Bionicle-centric band.

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So you guys have no idea. Thanks

I don’t know, but I’m glad they’re gone. Both of the songs they made for BIONICLE are terrible and vastly outshined by literally every single BIONICLE song. Even Bye Bye Babylon was better than them.

I liked Hero :frowning:


Indeed, while I’ll admit that the All Insane Kids were rather generic-sounding, I liked both of their songs, particularly “Hero.”


I hated Caught In A Dream, but I really liked Hero. When ever i hear it I just think of some metru matoran being chased down a dark alley by a dark hunter of vakhi. But that’s just me.


Listens to both songs again

Dang, Caught Up in a Dream reallly sounds bland IMO. But I can’t get enough of that guitar solo at the start. Too bad it only lasts 30 seconds…

I like Hero’s chorus and guitar riff. But again, it feels a bit devoid of energy.


… I liked Bye Bye Babylon. ._.


Pretty much. I hate Caught Up. I don’t even know what they were thinking with it. It’s just such a jumble of bad.

Hero was…okay, but mmm…hm. There’s not much I can say that’s bad of it, but I can’t say there’s much good either. It sounds like they’re sleep-singing. I’ve never been much of a rock enthusiast at the time so I thought their sleep-singing was standard for rock songs.

I never meant to bash Bye Bye Babylon, but it’s one of those songs that I feel there’s nothing special. It’s not one of those songs that I can listen to over and over again without getting sick of it like the other CryoShell ones and Move Along.

Originally I didn’t like Gravity Hurts (due to the singer at certain points, everything else was awesome) but I just let it grow on me. Besides, them lyrics, and also I feel like that song is BIONICLE’s most iconic.

My favorite is still Move Along.

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I had no idea they produced two songs - I only knew about Hero. Just listened to Caught in a Dream for the first time, and I agree that it was pretty generic, but I honestly kinda liked it.


I really liked Caught in a Dream. >.> <.<

But Hero to me was always the inferior one. Maybe I’m just alone in that.


Yes, Nyran, you are very alone in that.

So none of knew what happened to the band.

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I once tried looking around the web asking the same question. I ended up finding a band on Spotify with the same name. Thing is, the only stuff they have on Spotify are covers of “My Way” amd “White Christmas”. Both from 2011, actually. Shame.

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