What is your native tongue?

American Midwest English. But I am learning Latin and intend on learning German abd Italian. Also, @LegoDavid The proper team for what you called “Latin Laguages” is “Romantic Laguages”, just a tip.

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I more of meant they way birts use it, and forgot it is a word we use.

^I swear this becomes more true of me every day.

Actually is called “Romance Languages”

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Is “Romance Languages” and they are also called “Latin Languages” almost as often.


It depends on the situation, if it is a direct object you would say, " the romantic languages", but if you are talking about them in passing “Romance languages” is acceptable.

@ToaVladin Not according to both my Latin teachers. And I wouldnt say it is as often, for in all my life I have never heard them called Latin Laguages. But this is interesting to know.

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Well I often did. Plus, they are all based on Latin, so it wouldn’t be wrong to call them Latin Languages.


Yeah, makes sense.


My native language is English. But at one point I knew German so well that I apparently had to be tested to see if I understood English in 1st grade


I kinda grew up learning and juggling both Vietnamese and English but I’d say my Vietnamese has gotten progressively worse over time.
Though I’d say English is my native language. It’s the language that I use the most now and can speak well.

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my first language is Swedish.


They call it a sidewalk, they have coffee instead of tea, aluminum instead of aluminium

Coffee and tea are two very different things


I don’t kniw if it counts, but yesterday I started taking Catalan courses.
I was also already taking Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese classes
And I am native to Romanian.


My native tongue is bald eagle at a tailgate party with a shotgun.


My native language is the one that I speak.

Gaho Howa Anra Yaya?

I speak Engrish

Cool. Since you speak it, do you consider Moldovan a separate language or a dialect?

I am sorry if I am the one who answers first, but I am a Romanian too and it is quite a sensitive question for our people.

Moldovan is the absolute exact same language.

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Nah, it’s fine.

I concur! Linguists agree!