When is the Bomonga Canon Contest?

I would like to know when will be able to register for the BOMONGA CANONIZATION CONTEST?
I tried to look around and ask some friends but I didn’t get the answers I was looking for …
Do you know anything about it?


i think we’re doing all the toa hagha contests at once.


I believe that’s the current plan, but the rules may change. The Hagah contests are set to happen in March, or later.


The Bomonga Contest will (probably, we think, as of right now) happen at the same time as the other three Hagah Contests.

And, as per this post:

That won’t be until “March AT LEAST, with the possibility of it taking longer.”

So you have a fair bit of time to finish up your entry (or time to kill, if you’re already done).


Is there gonna be another contest before the Hagah one? Or do we seriously have to wait until March for the contests to reopen? We won’t be done with them until 2025 if that’s the pace…

Nope. Unless they recently changed their mind, the Hagah are coming in the Spring.

Well, at least we’re getting these contests. Besides, TTV needs time to relax and whatnot. I don’t really mind the fact that it’ll take that long, because that way, I’ll be able to enjoy these contests for a while, instead of having them rush by quickly.


As said above: No, there will not be another Contest before the Hagah.

However, I don’t think that this long of a break will become the norm. There are quite a few things building on each other that lead to this break:

  1. The holidays. Everything Contest-related was shut down during the holidays, so nothing was done during that period.

  2. As smooth as the Artakha Contest went, there is still room for improvement. There’s always room for improvement. As such, less time will be required to adjust the rules between future contests. (Although the break will always be at least 3 weeks)

  3. The rules.

The Hagah Contest has quite a few more rules than any other Contest that need to be discussed, including, but not limited to:

  • The definition of a Metru build
  • The logistics behind running four Contests at once
  • The structure of the Contests (Will there be an Art Contest? Will the MOC masks be final?)
  • The inclusion of 3d printed masks, and their canon implications
  • Hagah shield rules
  • Any other Hagah-related specifications (Must the metallic armour be restricted to certain parts of the build? Will the spears be homogenized?)

But, as @Atobe_Brick said, the Contests taking that long wouldn’t be that bad either. That means we’ll have four years of consistent community engagement.

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Or that the community will eventually lose interest because all of this is taking so long.


Man when they first announced they were making these contests I thought we’d be doing the gold skinned being by now but at this rate I guess that won’t be for another 5 or 6 years.


Which I’m really glad about it being done over a long time.

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Lol, you guys want to lose people as soon as possible?
How difficult is to make a context with the freaking Metru-Build?
Couldn’t you do it a bit faster, so people wouldn’t have to wait on their ■■■■■ for god knows how long?


It’s about this difficult:

Give it time.

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True gives plenty of time to work on mocs.

Give it a month.

Man I can’t wait for the Lariska contest in 2050


Okay, I get the ‘haha funny’ bit that these contests are taking a long time to happen, but honestly, I’m okay with it. Like @Bodi and @Atobe_Brick said, the more time they give us, the smoother the rounds will run and the more time people have to work on their designs. Is it a little frustrating that they’re taking so long? Maybe, but we’re fans of bionicle. Waiting for new bionicle content is sort of like waiting for Nintendo to acknowledge Metroid Prime 4 or BOTW2. It’s coming, just not yet.



yeah no
either they give us some kind of update or people will just stop caring
It is not a question of smoothing out problems
It is a question of whether or not people actually care.
How many people can you name that actually care about a new Metroid game in 2021? Exactly.

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Just look in the Metroid topic. There are some there, including me!


I guess we can just wait and see

I’m not gonna stop caring, and I think it’s good that they are taking the time to rest and iron things out, but man, I’m gonna have to leave my legos behind for college before the Hagah contest ends :sweat_smile:

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