Who should have a canon contest?

Since TTV might be considering a second list of characters to be canonized who do you want to have a canon contest?

Here’s some characters I want to see:
-Turaga Jovan


The winged order of mata Nui member.

Someone had to say it :stuck_out_tongue:


how about:



I mean Jerbraz could work since he described himself as handsome before turning invisable


Crystal Serpents + Kabrua


BS01 provides a full list of unseen characters here:

A lot of these characters are either too minor to get a contest (Sonic Entity, Makuta of Stelt, Ihu), or they already have a contest lined up (Orde, Varian, etc.), or they are too similar to known characters (Botar’s Replacement), or their appearance was intentionally left unknown (Tren Krom, Great Beings, Annona).

However, there are a few that have potential.

Other potential choices, not on that list, include:

  • Toa Dume
  • Base forms of the 2008 Makuta (and their masks…)
  • Unmutated Barraki

Of course, the point of these contests was to give appearances to characters with important speaking roles, and also Marendar.

Turaga Jovan and Toa Dume were never seen in-story beyond mentions, so I can’t see them making the cut for these contests. That being said, I wouldn’t complain.


I want this SOOOO much.


Johmak, Kabrua, Tridax, Kojol and Naho, definitely. Maybe the Matoran without a visual depiction as well, like Kyrehx and Gar.


Toa Dume definitely. I think an art-only contest for Mavrah and the Mahri-toran makes sense.



I had an idea for this where it could be done through combiners. Like pairing the base Barraki set with a toa Mahri. They wouldn’t have to be the same element/color, like Jaller could be combined with Pridak to utilize more of his secondary red color.


The Recorder might be interesting, and fits the criteria that have been set out. A cool under-the-radar choice, but he’s named, he speaks, and appears visually multiple times (including getting thrown into a wall once). He also has a visual description to go use. Unconventional, but entirely feasible.

I don’t know, it’s kind of cool that we don’t know what they looked like before they were monsters. Makes them feel more ancient.


In importance order: Jonmak, Jerbraz, Tridax, Mavrah, Builder of the Toa Canisters, Tren Krom, Umutated Barraki, Kyrehx, The Recorder, Kojol.

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I would put Kojol a little closer to the top of that list. Above the unmutated Barraki, at least.

I also disagree with Tren Krom having a contest. So much of his storyline presence depends on him being an incomprehensible being, I don’t think any of our mere mortal artwork could do him justice.

Everyone’s memeing this, but it could work, if you pick the right scene.

For example, show him carrying Krakua to safety while Mazeka and Vultraz fight in the background. Even without showing Jerbraz himself, this could still convey his approximate height, and maybe he could be running through tall grass while cutting it with his invisible sword. All of this would work to show some of his physical characteristics without even showing Jerbraz.

Even though it does not show anything we don’t already know about Jerbraz, it would at least be better than the NO IMAGE that we have now.

And it could also serve as a Matoran Krakua contest, just so we at least get something new out of the contest.


I agree with both points.

Alternatively, the contest could depict Jerbraz before he turned invisible. That might not work however, since we don’t know much about his physical appearance.

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We do know he’s 8.5 feet in height and he described himself as being considerably handsome before turning invisible.


Yeah, but that’s not a lot to work with. How does one make a bionicle look handsome, anyway?


Yes, please! I’ve always wondered what the unmutated Barraki looked like. Same with Toa Dume.

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@Atobe_Brick @TheJerminator
Ok, maybe Kojol should be right after Barraki. But not above them - he has no speaking role in the books. His role was important for MU history, though (that’s why he is on the list). Plus Makuta are shapeshifters - so such a contest would’ve canonized only the shape he took long ago, while attacking Artakha (with Tridax, I mean the form in which he fought Tobduk, the only one we’ve really seen him in). And all the Barraki have appeared in their original form in books, and most of their deeds and story occured while they were in their original forms.
As for Tren Krom, he appeared in the story too frequently - 5 times, if I am not mistaken. So we really should know how he looks. And that should be an art contest of course. And I am sure that there are people that can draw such an art (like look at that guy).


Most important: Botar’s Replacement