Who's your favorite League of Legends Champion?

So, originally I was going to make a League of Legends topic.
But someone already has. So, instead, I’m going to ask you what your favorite League of Legends champion is. You can answer with the Splash art, (and words cough cough) words, or the login screen. (AND WORDS COUGH COUGH)

I’ll end this post with my favorite Champion at the moment. (or the login screen at least)

(Blitzcrank is also one of my favorites and one of my mains)

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/Bad joke.


Helmet Bro and Urf are my main.

At the moment… Xerath, Karthus and Veigar… But I do like me some Jhin, and Aurelion Sol, and probably Azir as well.

My main, who I’ll take top, mid, or support is Cho’gath, the tank mage. His harrass and staying power is phenominal.

I really want his gentleman skin, which reminds me alot of @Scarilian. xD

My jungle champ, and my second favorite champion, is Nocturne, the assassin fighter.

I do have his Frozen Terror skin, which I bought alongside him a year ago as my first champion.

When I’m playing jungle and the rest of the team is focused on attack damage, and not ability power, I’ll play as Fiddlesticks, the mage support, to balance the team’s damage types.

I rarely play ADC bot, since I’m a bit too aggressive and end up dying without a good support. When I do though, I have Jinx, the marksman.

When I’m bored or tilted with Cho’gath but get stuck with Mid or Support, I have Veigar, the mage, as an alternate option.
I’ve got the superb villian skin for Veigar, which I think is absolutely perfect.

I’m summoner level 30, and if you’d like to connect in-game, send me a PM and I’ll get in touch.

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I usually use Twisted fate or Varus and sometimes lissandra.

I don’t play League of Legends, but if I did I’d definitely go for either Kindred or Azir. I like their powers and their themes are just plain cool.

If we’re just talking MOBAs though, in Heroes of the Storm I tend to play Zeratul. I love remaining invisible for as long as I want, and by the end of the round he does some pretty excellent damage, although you can sacrifice some of that and go for his W, which has upgrades that basically allow you to deal your damage while remaining cloaked forever.

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Without having played HotS, I can’t say for sure, but Zeratul seems to have a decent parallel in LoL with Kah’zix. I played him on free rotation a year ago, and I really can’t wait until I have the IP to buy him.

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Seems relatively similar. Zeratul plays the role of the “hit & run”, dealing hefty bursts of damage before blinking out of danger and letting his permanent cloak reactivate.

They do seem quite similar, though. If I ever boot up LoL (which is current sitting on my desktop, unused), I’ll have to look into it.

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I left League of legends after the release of Heroes of the storm. Anyway, in the time I enjoyed the game, I played mostly Kha’zix and Varus, good times though.

I mainly play mostly top and mid and some of the Champs I got on well with were


that is a few of them
but I done a surprisingly well Leona Jungle

so you would mainly go for the Jungle or Mid lane role if you would play those Champions

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I honestly have no idea. My strategy is pretty much just go wherever I need to go.

Which works most of the time. 18/10/0 (K/A/D) victory last night seemed to go pretty well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like a Jungler. High power assassin who’s purpose is to farm the jungle until they can assist a lane by surprise attacking the opposing champion for a kill, or to at least give his team the advantage.


Yeah that sounds about right, although my skills at soloing Boss or Mercenary camps are quite low.

I also have the side effect of going anywhere I want (even near enemy towers) without being seen, which lends me to a bit of recon for the team at times. Maybe that’s just me being naive about a game type I have only a few weeks of experience with though.

Also, tried an alternate build strategy to get that victory I mentioned. I lost a ton of the damage on my AoE cleave, but my priority targeting and safety went way up. Apparently the ability to take down a quarter of an enemy’s health before they even know you’re there is pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In LoL, the jungle monster nests are quite similar to the simple minions in-lane, just a bit more powerful, but less of them.

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Ah, makes sense.

In HotS the Bosses and Mercenaries if timed properly can be tide turners, and fittingly it usually takes two of the squishier heroes or one tanky guy to take out a Merc camp and usually two to three heroes for a boss.

Minions…I usually just use them as a quick heal. By level 4 my basic attacks have Life Steal, so doing a quick swing-by and taking out a couple batches can seriously boost my chances of surviving another encounter without having to return to my base. If the jungle isn’t a significant amount stronger than typical minions, then it seems that role would probably suit me, indeed. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

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From how you describe the Mercs and Boss, they complement the roles of the Dragons and Baron Nashor. They are both tide-turning if you can kill them. However, there are alot of smaller more manageable nests that have wolves, giant toads, bird/raptors, rock monsters, etc.

Something that also needs to be kept in mind is that it does take a while before you’ll get Smite, a spell that takes a huge chunk out of jungle monster’s health, and is needed to buy jungler gear. You’d need to play as a laner for a substantial amount of games to reach player level 10 before you could effectively jungle.

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Interesting way to keep noobs from getting in over their heads :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if I’ll ever pick it up but I’ll keep that in mind if I do. Biggest turn-off for me right now is a lack of an easy way to acquire one Champion to own regardless of the F2P rotation. Out of what, over 100 characters…?..you’d think it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but alas I haven’t figured out how. I tend to play games with a “main” in mind (Volt for Warframe…Zeratul in HotS, ect.), and I stick to it. Unfortunately I’m a college student and don’t plan to spend money on a game that’s technically F2P so I’m not sure if I’ll go for it just yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice though. Something to keep in mind, eh?

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Well, for each game you win you get Influence Points (IP), and you can use IP to buy champions. Quite a few are cheap at 450 IP, which is just a few good games. Some are 6300, but they are usually harder to master, but more effective if pulled off right. Mostly a way of letting you build up a collection of easy champs at first to learn, then graduating to more difficult and rewarding champs later.

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…well, that never showed up in my searches.

Good to know as well! Guess now it’s a waiting game to see if a good F2P rotation pops up and then I’ll be set.

…man this is technically off topic for this. If this continues we should probably move to the LoL topic or HotS topic itself :stuck_out_tongue:

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