Why do you dislike Nexo Knights?

So, a lot of people have been raging about their NexoKnights hate all across the boards. So, I decided to make a topic where we coud express our rage flag-free. But it got edited into a "why u so mad" topic but that is a good thing I guess. Whatevs. *Swipes emo hair aside.

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I find the premise uninspiring and the appearance of the characters to be a bore.


It's a system ripoff of BIONICLE.


At last this is a thing! I personally dislike them cause LEGO wants to shove them down my throat. They. Are. EVERYWERE. Wht's worse is that instead of having Bionicle in the stores I'm currently visiting they are filled with Nexo Knights. I actually bought one to use pieces for the skirt in my self-MOC, but I got rid of the figure and other stuff. And about the story, it is very unappealing at least to me, and the names are just the worst, literally puns of what they are or hold.

Remember that scene were the big dude separates the other two dudes in a fight? Onua, Tahu and Kopaka all over again.


Ahem. Axonn. Brutaka. Tahu. Bitil.


Still better than "lance" or "jestro" imo

Lance, Macy (macey? I don't care still bad) and jestro are the most uninspired names of the theme. I would actually like the sets (and to a degree I do) more if they weren't they weren't thrown right into my face in every LEGO place.


G-guys I know it's Lego n all

But BIONICLE should not be a justifiable reason



It's really not though.


Ikr? It's minifigs and mechs n knights n stuff


I don't really see the story or sets as a ripoff, just saw it as a joke since that one scene like Onua and all. Anyway I think I dislike the whole atmosphere of the show bionicle ripoff (which it isn't) or not. The sets look kinda fun, but awkward at the same time. The figures are nice, but the names are horrible.

And the overmarketing (although trully understandable) is getting on my nerves. Hey can we have some Bioni- NOPE HAVE SOME KNIGHTS NEXO POWER WOOOSH


I feel the show's lil weak



Still better than Chima though, I'll give it that.


I'll agree on that, the sets as awkward as they might seem are better than Chima's nonsense. And the show is a tad, just a tad better than Chima. Still not a great theme unless you are in for the parts for MOCs

IMO, Chima and Nexo Knights' sets are fine.

I'm just talking shows here.


They reason why Lego is shoving this down everyone's throats is because this is supposed to become the next evergreen theme like ninjago. Bionicle was heavily advertised on the websites and in catalogs when it first came out last year, it just wasnt mass order like Ninjago because stores knew the history of previous Bionicle sales and possibly didnt want to take a huge risk. Now from what I understand Bionicle was still pact on selves just not as much as Nexo Knights.

I imagine next year they may advertise what ever they show off at New York comic-com.


The thing I dislike the most about Nexo Knights is the unessecary backlash it's getting. It's one thing if people don't like the sets, but a lot of the reasons are just getting ridiculous.

It's copying Bionicle

Yes, because the concept of colored heroes with collectible objects of power is a concept Bionicle has the sole credit of creating. It's totally not something that has been around before and is still a very common practice.

Lego is shoving it down our throats

They're really not. Both Bionicle and Nexo Knights have a sizable display at the Lego store and Toy stores, it's general retailers that tend to crowd the shelves. Now why could that be?

  1. Nexo Knights is a promising new theme that the store purchased a larger opening surplus much like they did for Big Bang themes before like Ninjago or Bionicle.

  2. Unlike Bionicle there is no leftover stock from last year so there is a bigger gap to fill.

  3. Perhaps Bionicle did not sell as well as hoped resulting in a downstocking in those areas.

Bionicle should have been given the show

Bionicle has a show, Journey to One.

I dislike the story

I mean, the story is so basic I'm surprised you found enough of it to dislike. The whole "Heroes must fight former friend turned treacherous villain" thing has been around for a long time. It's not going to win any awards for plot, but it's also not really worthy of instant condemnation.

I dislike the show

There, that's a valid reason for disliking the line. Good for you. Much as there is set taste there is also TV taste. The only time when it becomes ridiculous is when the TV disatisfaction influences the toy taste.

I dislike the concept of technology meets medival

Pure personal preference, although it's not something that hasn't been done before. Many an 80's cartoon had stuff like this. Heck, Bionicle combines technology with tribal aesthetics and Ninjago with oriental aesthetics.

This is stealing Bionicle's thunder

The best response I can honestly give is so be it. I love Bionicle, and I want the very best for it, but I don't think it's success comes through other's failure. If kids like NK more than Bionicle that's fine with me. I'd be happy with the other way as well. Success has to be earned.

I'm just really annoyed with all this. Lego has really outdone themselves with this theme in my eyes. It's actually got me back into system set collecting. I think Nexo Knights an interesting concept with innovations in both set design and bridging the gap between digital and physical play.


Now then let's talk other legit or funny complaints

To be honest, the only reason I dislike the theme is because it looks silly. The villains look silly, the sets look silly, the heroes look silly, and I can't take it seriously.

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It's a LEGO theme.

Were you expecting Watchmen in the medieval era?

Geez, these complaints are weird.