Why I am a follower of Sanok-Orde / Hypothesis about it

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Now, the agenda this time is "How good is Sanok for Orde?"
This agenda has been held many times before, with affirmatives and negatives debating each time.
So I have participated in discussions several times, but I felt that I couldn’t talk about my head canon, guesses, hypotheses, etc. satisfactorily because of the flow of the story.
So, in this Topic, I will write what I have been thinking about for a long time.

Note: This Topic, as the title suggests, is by Sanok-Orde affirmatives. It’s quite possible that you’re not follower, but I hope you’ll refrain from too radical controversy.

【Review of Kanohi Sanok】

Well, this Topic shouldn’t just be about me yelling “I like Sanok!”
If so, I have no need to create a Topic, I just post a comment like so on the board, Twitter, Instagram.
I have to theoretically explain my research and reasoning.

So, first of all, it is necessary to review what kind of mask Kanohi Sanok is. :wink:


【Kanohi Sanok】
Title: Mask of Accuracy
Powers: Increased accuracy with ranged attacks

"The Kanohi Sanok is the Mask of Accuracy.
It allows its user to turn virtually any inanimate object into a projectile weapon and hit almost any target they aim for.
For example, a blade of grass could be thrown to cut a chain.
It can also be used to aim ranged weapons and elemental powers.
The user can control the speed of the projectile.
Once the user releases a projectile, they have no more control over its movement since the mask does not use telekinesis.
The projectile would still be accurate if the user removed the mask while it was in mid-flight.

Because it was sentient, Hewkii’s organic Great Sanok was always on at a low level." - BS01

…Yes, we have read the description of the power of this mask over and over again over the years.
And I noticed that this mask had one feature.
It’s pretty simple in words - this mask is, one of types that has a distinct “attack” effect than other many mask.

Please remember. Hau, Huna, Kadin, Iden, Pehkui, … They are certainly very effective, when used in offensive and combat activities.
But they are masks of shielding, concealment, flight, spirit, and shrink. Many of them are not necessarily intended for combat purposes only.
(Hau is relatively combat-friendly in the sense of a “shield”, but as seen within MoL, it also acts as a safety against threats such as mere natural disasters.)

And, there are also masks such as Elda, Rode, Suletu, Rau, Mask of Psychometry, and MoCharisma that are more suitable for “information gathering”. So I think that Kanohi was originally made by GB as “Toa tool” in the more correct sense.

In addition, there are useful masks such as Pakari and Kakama, because of their physical and simple effects.
Of course, these are extremely useful in combat, but they are also useful for tasks that require strength and long-distance travel.
(In fact, Kopaka uses Pakari to increase the efficiency of rowing when boating across lava rivers, and Pohatu had moves quickly from Nui-Jaga’s nest to Po-koro.)

Now, looking back, you can see that this mask actually has some unique position.
While many masks are “tools”, but this Sanok is more of a “weapon”, and created with almost without purpose to anything other than “sniping”.

【Review of a Toa of Psionics】
…I’m sorry, it’s already becomes a long sentence. :rofl:
Please read with break and drinking coffee. :coffee:

Now, what we need to do next is a reconfirmation about Toa of Psionics.

This is example list of effects by Psionic-power, from BS01.
Looking at it this way, we can see that Psionics has a very special property among Elemental powers, and at the same time it has a very powerful effect.

These forces have been found to extend beyond BIO-being (Orde has read the minds of Gelu and Kaburua).
So, in effect, anyone with a mind or heart, whether BIO-being or not, can conclude that they will be affected, if they hadn’t special training.

However, if you think well about them, you can see that there is one serious weakness in this Elemental power : Lack of physical power.

Fire can burns enemies with hyperpyrexia, Air can crushes or blows off as gusts or cyclones, and Water can beats as a massive mass or suffocat enemies (although it is a malicious use).

However, while Psionics has its powerful psychological effects, it has few power the ability to physically interfere with the world.
(I think Toa of Psionics can use Telekinesis to the point of destroying the wall, as Matatu can. but it’s still a weakness compared to other physical Elemental.)

Instead, Psionic user can (if the user is skilled)act as a broad replacement or upward compatible with a number of masks such as Komau, Matatu, Mahiki, Suletu, Huna, Volitak, and Rode.

So, in other words, Toa of Psionics can conclude that they has many powers treated as Kanohi powers from the birth, even without a mask.

At this point, the Toa of Psionics, unlike other Elemental Toa, can be described as “reversing the relationship between Kanohi power and combat power,” which is crucial in studying their nature.
(I think that Varian continues to wear Calix, probably because of the mask’s “Lets user perform at physical peak” effect. Of course, she’s been wearing Calix since she was Matoran, so that’s not all.)

Furthermore, this is a feature currently found only in Toa of Psionics,
They essentially don’t need a Toa Tool when using Elemental power.
In other words, their Toa tool is more of a “weapon” for purer combat purposes than a “wand” for better use of Elemental power.


I was originally a supporter of Spear-Orde, but when Greg stated that his tool is a mace, I got some conviction about this speculation.
A mace provides stable performance due to its weight and moment, even if the opponent wears strong armor that cannot be cut with a sword. You can use it effectly just by hitting it.
(Helryx has mace too, so GB may have given early Toa frequent mace due to its stability)

Also, Varian uses an elbow blades, a slightly unusual weapon, which allows for a stable and powerful attack due to the low energy loss, at the cost of delicate control by wrist movement.

…Perhaps you already understand what I want tosay.
Maybe, Toa of Psionics may tend to prefer additional equipment that replenishes more physical power due to their own “reversal relationship of Kanohi power and nature combat power”, unlike other type Toa using special power mask.
(This is also can be the reason why Varian has a Shield. She enjoys her position as a hero, but chooses very realistic equipment, so I love her choice!)

【How good is Sanok for Orde?】

Are you thirsty? How about a break?
Please drink coffee, This is the last part of this sentence!(most important information) :rofl:

I think you’re already know my conclusion, but if I don’t say it, this report won’t be completed clean. So let me write.

The reason I want Orde to wear Kanohi Sanok is that Sanok’s strong “weapon” qualities make up for the weaknesses of his Elemental power.

Indeed, he has a powerful Telekinesis. But, as you know, “sniping” by Sanok is not telekinesis and does not work that way.
Within LoM, when Nuju was slammed against a wall, Matatu’s effect was canceled and Vakama fell (although it was just the right point) because Nuju’s concentration was interrupted.

But Sanok’s “sniping” can’t be interrupted by attacking the user once the user has done it.
In addition, Telekinesis explicitly requires “manipulation”, while Sanok works automatically after the ability is activated to attack the target.
With “commands” that take the form of “throwing” or “shooting” at the target, Sanok-affected objects head toward and hit the target “as if programmed”.

Telekinesis is, so to speak, an “invisible and long-extending third arm”, and Sanok is a “automatic sniper system”.

If you have the hero power of “stretching your arm” and want to hit a distant enemy, you must clearly control your arm.

However, if you are in a situation where “a large number of enemies are approaching and you need to hit the attack as accurately as possible to quickly reduce the number of enemies”, Sanok becomes an “absolutely hit full auto rifle”. Bullets? please use stones or object around there. In fact, Orde once tried to use a heavy branch.
In the time you focus on Telekinesis’s “third arm” operation, Sanok allows for more accurate and quick attacks.

However, unlike telekinesis, Sanok only do “snipes that hit absolutely”, and it is Orde’s own job to move Vakama to a higher place.

No matter how far it go, Sanok can only “strengthen” physical attacks.
However, That’s power can works well for beings like Toa of Psionics.

I gave Sanok to Orde, because I think the very nature of Sanok’s focus on “physical attacks” over other masks can accurately cover the weaknesses of Toa of Psionics, who lacks physical attack methods.

Really thank you for read!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


Looks cool


I really like your little essay on why you think Orde should have a sanok, you clearly thought of all possible points.
Though for my Orde I was thinking of giving him a Pakari.


Wonderfully written. Yes, this is the perfect explanation for why the Sanok works so well for Orde aside from the aesthetic considerations.


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Thank you @Rukah ! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
Pakari is good choice too, and If Orde wears it, I want the Galva’s one! :wink:

Thank you @KDNX !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
I love King K’s Sanok very much because his arrangements are exquisite. Greg goes back and forth between the “same shape” and “may be slightly different” expressions for the Inika mask, but this Sanok is the most similar to the Hewkii’s one of the many fan arrangements. I think the problem incidence is low. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cool. The Pakari also fits with the mace, so he can have more strength to wield it.


Nice little essay - i agree with a lot of your points!


Thank you @Rhyla416 !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
I’m so glad to your agree! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:






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I didn’t mean to ban it because the discussion is a good source of creation, but I wrote a word just in case of a “heat up”. :sweat_smile: :wink:
I also felt that if discussion was needed, it should be done on the discussion topic. :relieved:


fair enough


Another really good reason for sanok Orde is it allows him to yeet his mace over pretty much any distance with perfect accuracy

and psionics means Orde can pull it back to him like Thor’s hammer

so as long as it isn’t standard sanok (because that design is disgusting) count me up


Thank you @Ghid !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Yes, that’s too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And I love the Hewkii’s sanok too, but I love other arrangement, include KhingK, and Galva’s !


the sanok is a very useful mask and i i can sea your reasoning for being a follower of sanok-orde I even had a thought of what if a sniper had the sanok on hand.

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yes ma’am

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The original Sanok was one of my favorite Inika masks as a kid


This was a wonderful read; definitely on-board with this idea. The only thing to mention would be what exactly his Sanok would look like. I for one really like the one used here, but it’s been stated that the inorganic versions of the inika masks we’ve seen look identical to the organic ones. It’d make sense for Orde to have the Sanok in that shape then, considering he was a very early Toa. Otherwise it would mean that he’s wearing a variant Sanok, which would be tough to explain this early in the MU’s development.

Man the shape thing is really one of the worst things to be canonized recently. Leads to debacles like this.


This is awesome. I’m even more on board with the Sanok now, as well as the mace.


Thank you @sorabuilds !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
And, we already know the man who wears Sanok as “Assassination weapon”, though he is not a sniper: Tobduk.
He is very skilled warrior, and We know how terrifying he is. :relieved:

Thank you @GoodGuy2006 !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Thank you again @KDNX! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: I agree to it!

Thank you @Gradius !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Yes, I can understand your opinion.
And I have a reason why I used @MaskMaker / KhingK’s sanok : The mask design is the most similar with the Originai(Hewkii’s) Sanok.

Greg said the Stars-Tahu is same form with Tahu-Mata(also Gresh and Takanuva, ex his gold color), but they are not similar in Toy set.
(Tahu is still equipped with the Adaptive Armor, which may cause a difference in appearance though)

Also, TSO had once portrayed in Canon Art in a slightly different way than Set verison (the most obvious part is the face. In Set form, his face has a long nose like a goat. but in Art it has a vertically long face like a cow)

In addition, Greg occasionally makes vague statements about the appearance of Character.
By those , at least in BIONICLE, my opinion is that there may be some “resolution differences” depending on the “media” depicted.

As I’ve already written, I chose KhingK’s Sanok because it looks a lot like Hewkii’s one. So you can see their difference as “resolution differences”.
I hope his Sanok will be a canon with the same design, but if there’s a problem, it’s okay to fix it exactly like Hewkii’s one as “Original Sanok” in the Art contest.
(I think that’s an example of how the functionality of an art contest can be used for good.:wink:)

Conversely, if it was replaced by Galva’s Sanok at the Art Contest, I could probably explain.
The TSO race is an entity whose technology has been improved by GB during development, and there are “early type” and “late type” individuals.
It has also been found that the Matoran Language also has an “early” version in the form of an “ancient language”.
In addition, above all, Orde is a prototype being as Toa :Male, despite being a Ce-Toa.

If Galva’s one becomes to canon, we can see it as “Ancient version / Early type of Sanok”.
(Well, it’s going to be confusing, so I’d prefer KhingK or Hewkii design… :sweat_smile:)

And there’s the most serious problem: First of all, I have to win the MOC Contest. :rofl: :rofl:This is the most difficult task. Because there are many great MOCers here. :cry: :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you @TheJerminator !! :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
I 'm glad to you interested to Sanok! :heart_eyes:
And I’m always be helped by your canon informations! I’m always grateful to you! :relieved: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: