Why I am a follower of Sanok-Orde / Hypothesis about it

That would be categorized as a Sanok.

The mask can remain as the variant used. It would then be canonized (if specified) as a variant of whichever mask power it is. Canonizing mask designs/powers is within the scope of the Yesterday Quest Toa contests, so that would be something we’d get cleared with Greg if the winner features one of those masks.


Thank you!! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Originally, I’m ok to the original sanok because of the “mask standard problem”, but Eljay said “variant is also ok”, so my personal hope becomes to like this!: 1st: KK , 2nd: Galva, 3rd: Hewkii! :wink::heart_eyes::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


So I noticed the “Mask of Rebounding” does a similar job to the Sanok, but actas more of a Boomerang or Mjolnir type attack. Would this be a good substitution or perhaps even a replacement?

“The Mask of Rebounding is a Kanohi that allows its user to cause non-exploding or non-fragmenting projectiles to come back to them after the object has been thrown at and hit a target.
The mask’s power uses a small amount of telekinesis, so the harder the user focuses on the projectile, the more accurate the rebound is.”


Isn’t it the exact opposite of the Sanok? The Sanok lets you hit things, while the Mask of Rebounding makes your projectile come back.

That would be one heck of a combo, though, if a Toa had both a Suva and the mental quickness to switch the masks in rapid succession.

(Does the Mask of Rebounding work if you only activate it after the object has been thrown? It uses telekinesis, so I would assume yes.)


Yeah whoops, I was thinking the whole pull the weapon back towards you aspect and forgot that was Toa of Psionics.

That would be pretty OP if a they could. Another interesting thing to discuss at another time.
Now back to the Sanok, as the mask above is redundant to Orde’s powers


I read you opinion!
Thank you your comment! :wink: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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My personal decision was to give Orde a Pakari, because it would increase his physical power in battle, and, given he wields a mace, would be a devastating combination. Psionics are not as physically able as other Toa’s powers, but I would imagine he makes up for it with the Pakari. As for the Sanok, it’s not that reduntant, but I think it would be just redundant enough for Orde to use something else.

though we all know the real reason why I wouldn’t use a sanok is because it doesn’t come in blue and I am a staunch purist


Your and my opinion are defferent, but I feel like to yours too! :blush:
As I said, this fun discussion is also good for each creativity and BIONICLE study! :wink:


yeah true. Just look at how many posts this topic has now

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I really appreciate the thought you put into this @Bukkey. I initially wanted the Sanok because my friend BobTheDoctor27 suggested it works synergistically with his power and reflects his bluntness. It’s great you found even more meaning!

I wasn’t worried about the variant and the recent news sounds great. It’s nice to see people unified in their creativity and I’m more on board with the Sanok and his mace than before. :+1:
(Doni, BC, Bob, and my old version of Orde below)


Furthermore, like the case of lonely toa of lighting Chiara using Kanohi volitak that has the ability to become lonely.
Sanok Orde is not wrong. think about Orde’s psychology or character
He failed in his duties, which served as an opportunity to greatly change his own kind. Continuing to use the mask that gives him accuracy also represents a mission given to him that should not fail, and it can be said that he has continued to pursue accuracy in the mission even after his failure.


I want to add to this: maces are heavy. When swinging top-heavy weapons like maces and warhammers, you need to keep them in motion and you can’t bring them to a full stop as easily as lighter or more balanced weapons, otherwise you’ll tire yourself out or even injure your arm. With a Pakari, Orde has more control over his own weapon and can swing it in the same fashion with less effort than he would otherwise need.

This power is also more universally applicable, as the Sanok is mostly only useful at range, but Orde will be temporarily unarmed if he throws his mace. The Pakari, plus a push from telekinesis, would let him chuck his mace at extremely high speeds compared to what other beings could do, so he can still throw it with reasonable accuracy, albeit not with Sanok levels of precision; this leaves him with options for both ranged and melee combat that don’t hinder him in some way.

This is not a list of masks that make no sense with this element, but whose functionality somewhat overlaps with it. It’s also at least a year old, and some details (like the Kakama’s minimum top speed) have been brought to my attention since then. The point of this chart is more that Psionics should not have telekinesis as a sub-elemental power because 1. its applications make the element too bloated and potentially OP and 2. that’s ■■■■■■■ stupid and clearly just Greg wanting to put X-Men in Bionicle.


I’m just a Sanok-Orde sect, but in fact I agree that Pakari is also very effective! :wink: :heart_eyes:

The power of Pakari is very simple, but I strongly agree that it is an extremely powerful and versatile mask.
I still seeing the strategic importance of Sanok’s “absolutely hit when activated” feature.
However, Pakari’s extremely clear appeal of “strengthening muscles that exceeds even the efficiency of Mask of growth” is very irresistible.

When the Orde contest begins, I expect Pakari-Orde MOCs to enter as much as Sanok-Orde.
I am also looking forward to your Pakari-Orde entry (if you are willing to do so)! :blush:

Actually, I’m lowkey tempted to enter an Orde with a Suletu. and make him bendy


Yeah that’s a good point as well.

Yeah I’ll probably have an Orde built by then

Now that’d be interesting, lol

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Thanks for sharing the link to your design process, I definitely have a further appreciation for the moc and all of it’s intricacies. :slight_smile:
I also revise my rash previous statement about it’s acceptance. Im confident I’m one of a myriad of people who’ll love and accept this design, and either way, I’ll more than like be voting for this when the time comes :smiley:

Edit: (Looks like I’m responding a year late, lol)


Very nicely organized. Good job keeping away from the “it looks cool” non-argument. But I have a retort.