Would You Rather...? (Game)

Creation. No contest. (I’m Artahka now)

Would you rather eat pizza or bacon?


Would you rather take a bullet to each limb, or four in the torso?

If I took four in the torso, my vital organs would be hit and I would bleed out. If I took a bullet to each limb, it might pierce through ligaments and veins, rendering that limb handicapped but at least I live

Would you rather be a Matoran or Agori (and why)?

Matoran, because that means I could maybe be a Toa.

Team Kahi or Team Eljay?

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Eljay, of course.

Orange or Metru green ccbs shells?

Metru green.

Peace, or civil war.

Civil war

Destroy team Kahi or Team Nuclear?

Team Nuclear.

Destroy Eljay, or Nuclear?

Team nuclear

Read the 2016 topic or re read the CTRL+V topic?


CTRL-V topic or bionicle memes topic?

Bonkle mems FTW

Would you rather snort salt or pepper?


Crush or SMASH!

Be caught in a sandstorm or a hurricane?



Root beer or cream soda?


Robot or Droid?

Robot? I dunno the difference…

chocolate or vanilla?

(The difference is just a preference of name)

Inika or Mahri?

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Depends on the Toa. but I will say Inika.

Piraka or Barraki?

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Snow-storm or Rainstorm?

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eat a bionicle titan set or lay on a table of the sharpest lego parts for 4 days straight