Would You Rather...? (Game)

On the table.
(Y’know, cause that can be survived)

Build only Technic or CCBS? (System is included in both)

Technic and CCBS are kind of part of the same system.

You can’t really have one or the other.

Fine, Bionicle or System?


Guys, let’s stay on topic. If you have a problem, take it to PM.


Would you rather have a 5 inch long innie bellybutton or a 5 inch long outie bellybutton?

Wouldn’t this mean there’s a hole going through your intestines?


Well no one left a question for me to answer so I’ll make one up:
Hey self! Would you rather eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting or only have one box of cookies in your house in which you could only eat one cookie every month?

I would rather have an entire box of cookies in one sitting.

and to the next person: Would you rather host a party, be unprepared and everyone comes or would you rather go to someone else’s party and you’re the only one there?

This, idc about parties anyway.

Would you rather take a shower and realize you have no towel, or go to the restroom and realize there is no paper.

No towel,because the second option is ew no

Would you rather lose all your Lego(s?) or everything else you have?

I’d rather loose my legos, they ain’t LEGO after all :wink:

Would you rather have green skin or blue skin



More efficient camouflage.

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@Joe you broke it, you broke it!
Would you rather have the earth blow up and you are the sole survivor?, Or be the last human on earth?

Earth blow up and be the sole survivor

TBH there isn’t much of a point of being on Earth if literally no one else exists.

Would you rather have to wear a bird as a hat or a snake as a scarf?

Who said no one exists? They’re just not on earth
Bird as hat
Would You rather randomly defy gravity, for half an hour every day, or have gravity take an increased effect on you for 5 minutes every day

randomly defy gravity cause then ill be able to wear a cardboard Miru and actually fly :mask:

would you get a free trip to hawaii or a new laptop of your choosing

New laptop, then I don’t have to leave the house
Would you rather have a deathly fear of cats, or be convinced that all squirrels are terrorists?

Already convinced.

being forced to buy 20 Skull Scorpios, or 20 Ketars?

This, since Skull Scorpio is actually a good set.

Would you rather be covered in a color of your choice or made translucent?

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Would being covered in a cover mean I could just wear certain colored clothes? if so, then I will go with that.

Would you rather have Bionicle end this year, with one huge Makuta set and all the special masks and all the things you would ever want.

Or have another mediocre year to sit through.