Would You Rather...? (Game)

Probably the first. Quality over quantity. I feel like a year that is mediocre would hurt it more than anything.

Would you rather have a year’s supply of shrimp or cheese?


Would you rather have the sky turn red, or the sea turn black?

The sky turn red, since a black see would cause issues for underwater plant life.

WYR go into space or get the chance to operate a tank?

Go to space.

WYR eat a potato or a tomato?


WYR get the car of your dreams or the bedroom of your dreams?


WYR have your blood turn green or your skin turn blue?

Green blood.

Yeah, not eveything has to be blue for me.

WYR watch as many horror movies as you can at night or lots of kinder surprise eggs/ elsa and spiderman vids during day.

There are some really good movies i’d actually like to watch.

Would you rather become full robot or being replaced by an android?


So, let me get this straight, if I become a robot, I am still me, right?

And the android is not me, but just a replacement?

No, you lose any sense of humanity and self-awareness.

Oh, screw that. Someone just kill me.

Would you rather be Batman or Superman?

He has all those powers, but that’s not why I’m picking him.
Batman lost his parents, and went through terrible things to get to where he is now. He is Batman, and that entails a lot.
Superman is generally a pretty happy guy, and he has a pretty good life.
His parents died, sure, but it wasn’t in front of his face, at age eight.

Would you rather be a cyborg or a biomechanical being?

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Would you rather choke to death or drown?

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Choke. Because i’d rather have my airways restricted then have them get filled with water.

Would you rather get mutated by Protodermis or Visorak venom?


Would you rather be shot in the foot or the hand?

Hand, cause my arms are fake, so the worst thing that’ll happen is that they will deflate and I have to get new ones

Would you rather be stuck with fake muscles or no muscles for the rest of you life

Fake muscles bro. At least I’ll look good.

Would you rather trade your entire bionicle collection for a Solek or a Ketar?

Ketar. More parts.

Would you rather have infinite shrimp or bacon?

Infinite bacon.

WYR have to binge watch a season of Kamen Rider or Gundam?

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Kamen Rider.

Would you rather being in a Zombie Apocalypse, or a Nuclear Holocaust?