Would You Rather...? (Game)

Zombie apocalypse, that way I could fight back.

Would you rather meet Eljay or Mesonak?
Well since no one likes that question ill ask a new one.

Would you rather work for TTV or Rooster Teeth?

Question 1: Meso. He just seems like someone I could get along better with. Sorry Eljay
Question 2: Well I have no skills that RT could make use of, so I guess I’d be better suited for TTV.

(oh right, i forgot about the second part lmao)
Alright, would you rather be sunburned or covered in bug bites?

Sunburned. They suck but at least I can ignore it if I lay down right.

Would you rather destroy all videogames or all movies?


TBH I don’t play many and movies are a huge part of most franchises I like (like Star Wars).

What is it with Masters and forgetting to put down a would you rather today?
Please put down a “would you rather?”.

Sorry, I forgot.

Would you rather get the chance to own a Figma or Figuart of your choice?

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because Kill la Kill.


would you rather have your target go out of business or your walmart go out of business?

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But worse articulation /s

Anyways, I’d rather have my local Walmart go out of business, since their stock isn’t as good as Target.

There is only one Target in my area compared to the 10 Walmarts so yeah, I target Target :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather be an introvert or an extrovert?


Would you rather be a living Lego character that could disassemble and reassemble themselves to be better? Or an action figure with the abilities of the character they are modeled after?

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An action figure. Especially if it’s a Doctor Manhattan action figure.

If you could transform into any Bionicle set for a day, would you rather be Ketar or Skull Scorpio?

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Ketar. I could move.

if you were forced to replace your entire collection with either Gali Mistika or Solek, which would you chose?

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Gali Mistika, since objectively it’s not a bad set when you completely forget who it’s representing.

Would you rather have the skills to custom paint any toy or the skills to have the best parts usage ever in any Bionicle MOC?

Bionicle MOC skills.

cat pillows or dog chairs?

the cats and dogs would survive the experience unharmed.

Dog Chairs, my cats are pillow like as it is
Would you rather walk on a field of Lego peices barefoot, or have all your ballpoints break

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Walk on Legos barefoot. I’m already used to it.

Would you rather have to watch the worst kids movie in existence? Or have all of your Bionicles have the same durability as '07 lime green?

I’d rather watch the worst kid’s movie ever, since at least that’s not permanent.

Would you rather spend all your money on a full Bionicle collection or investments that will get you more money in the future?

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More money, obviously.
That would actually benefit me in the long run, seeing as I could purchase said Bionicle, and things that will help me in life.

Would you rather fly or breathe underwater?
(Both of these include the resistance to rapid pressure change and extreme pressures)

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Flying would be cooler, but underwater exploration would better benefit people as a whole…

I’d have to go with flying, since that would be more definitely beneficial to me.

Would you rather have a lifetime supply of sushi or cheeseburgers?

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Personally, I would agree, just because I would be terrified of the underwater creepy crawlies.
But you forgot the question.

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