Would You Rather...? (Game)

You shouldn’t be on this site then /s

Jam, BTW.

Another red pins dupe or some other underage kid?

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Some other underage kid. Not do diss redpins, but the other underage kid might have some better Moccing skill.

Exo-Force or Knight’s Kingdom?

Exo force because mechs.

My mocs or Whaddon’s mocs?

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Would you rather join my Mafia Game (Shameless plug is shameless) or have to sit through an episode of the Toa of Red pins podcast

Join your mafia game, because I’m actually considering it.
And I don’t want to die, you know.

Would you rather eat only shrimp for a week, or eat only lobster. (Also for a week)

Red Pins Podcast.

Daredevil or Ben Affleck.


Would you rather have hiccups forever, or never be able to touch anyone again?

That’s a hard choice… I’ll have to choose hiccups though. Idk.

Would you rather listen to the same song over and over again whenever you listen to music, or listen to music you hate (different songs) every time you listen to music?

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Same song, I don’t want the people around me to suffer
Would you rather have you hand permanently stuck to an angry cat? Or a dog that won’t sit still?

A cat, they are lighter, and I can always just knock it out.

Would you rather drown in pudding, or be “gassed” to death with flavored sugar?

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Gassed with sugar. I would never let myself drown in anything

Would you rather be an old man that looks like a child, or a child that looks like an old man?

A Old man that looks like a child.

(doctors would hate my secret. XP)

Would you rather have your blood be blue and sweet, or green and sour?

Sweet, then I have a chance at making the vampire that kills me sick
would you rather be stuck playing morrowind forever and never getting past the first level or be force to watch Adam Sandler’s movies forever (Not the good ones)

That’s implying there are good ones. I’d go with Morrowind.

Ackhmous or a-holes?

What’s the difference? Ackhmous.

Solek or ketar?

Ketar, he’s not that bad of a set
Cats or dogs?

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That is hard…



Fall or Summer?

G1 or G2


Apples or Chainsaws?

Depends on if the Chainsaw comes with a Solek
Eternal Life, or Eternal Happiness?