Would You Rather...? (Game)

Watch…Beast Machines…

(Wow that was harder then it should have been…)

WOULD YOU RATHER…Eat a handful of spiders, or a bucket of worms?

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Handful of spooders I would deep fry them first though

Would you rather wear the Mask of Control and mutate into a monster or Mask of Ultimate Power and uncontrollably rek everything in your path

MoUP, 'cause MoUP.

Would you rather swim in acid, or drink lava?

Acid, cause some acid is not harmful to your skin and stuff…but there is no way to not die from drinking Lava…

WOULD YOU RATHER…Eat a live cat, or a rotting dog?

I won’t eat a dog. Cats are evil.

Would you rather kiss a Miru or burn a Hau?

Like, kiss the actual mask? or the LEGO piece?

Either way I would kiss the Miru. Cause burning is a waste of a cool piece/mask of power.

Would you rather get destroyed by a chainsaw, or a shotgun?

Shotgun. Shotgun is fast and painless.

Would you rather be an Autobot/Decepticon, or Maximal/Predacon.

Autobot/Decepticon, I know more about them.

Would you rather have to fight Chuck Norris in a fist fight, or Clint Eastwood in a gun fight?


Would you rather have a metal arm, or a metal leg?

metal arm
super strengh ftw

would you rather be homeless or to lego stop existing?

lego to stop existing. i’d rather have a future in life.

Would you rather be poked with 50 needles at once, or be poked with 5 that drain a lot of blood?

The 50, because a lot of thin needles (like those for acupuncture) don’t actually hurt.

Would you rather die of hypothermia or heat stroke?

i meant, it’d be similar to drawing blood, but they’d just be stuck in your skin, probably in a blood vessel.

it totally does hurt mang

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Would you rather have a Mantis

Or have a Titan?


titan, they’re far more versatile, i love the mantis but it’s way better

would you rather have a hornet or a jetrax?


You’re talking about the Halo Hornet right?

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Then the Hornet. Jetrax is cool and all, but the Hornet has more maneuverability and better guns.

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Be single


Be in a relationship with a person who can’t stop hiccuping.

Single. I cannot stand hiccups.

Would rather you ride a unicron or bathe in skittles?