Would You Rather...? (Game)

Bathe in Skittles, easily.

Would you rather meet Kahi or Jon?

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Jon seems nicer

Would you rather take a bath or a shower?

Sorry I’m not the best at this :sweat_smile:


Hey you guys, I’m just gonna take a bath.

would you rather…

own every single G1 set, but they must be kept clean every 6 hours or else they will combust


own every G2 set, but they are so fragile that even breathing on them will make them fall apart



Would you rather?

Be locked in a dark labyrinth with the creepiest clown in existence for the rest of your life (not guaranteeing that he won’t kill you someday)


Be locked on a small island in the middle of pacific with mutant dinosaurs (Yes, you can also die like this)

I choose this one.

Would you rather…

Have the main role in a bad movie


Have a very small role in a good movie?

I would want a very very small role in a good movie, so I can challenge my friends if they can find me in that scene or two and there would be less for me to screw up. I’m not really a good actor.

Would you rather…

Be the main villain in your favorite fictional world


Be stuck in your favorite and most dangerous franchise?

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I’d be stuck in my favourite most dangerous franchise, since that’s better than being evil.

Would you rather have a completely new constraction theme or bring back Bionicle G1 (with proper story), but for only one year?

New constraction theme. Bionicle has too much unfortunate baggage; not even half the fans would be satisfied with a one-year reiteration.

Plus, I want new elements, not ones I already have fifty of.

Would you rather star in a movie about Solekians directed by the cult itself, or eat a box of nails? (no milk)

I’d rather star in a movie about Solekians. At least that wouldn’t physically harm me.

Would you rather become a Jedi Knight or a Superhero?

Superhero so I can make my own rules

Would you rather have Batman as a bodyguard or Superman’s powers but kryptonite is a thing (note having to learn how to use the powers)

Batman bodyguard, maybe I can take some of his devices.

Would you rather get sliced in half and wear painful prosthetics your entire life or get mutated into a hideous ogre? (with no pain)

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The former.

Bean clock or Suffer loaf?

Bean clock

Would you rather go back in time for a week and nothing that happens has any affect on today or go forward and not be able to remember anything you’d be able to change (companies to invest in, personal life decisions, political mistakes, etc.)

I’d rather go back in time for a week.

Would you rather buy one single big expensive LEGO set, or multiple smaller and cheaper ones?


Cosume peptobismal for a week or fiat fight 70 crabs all at once.

Considering it seems I’d have a Fiat, I could run them all over

Time for a positive one

Would you rather have ziti or lasagna

Crap! guess you found the the loophole.

Ziti all the way

Sour or sweet.