YO, HO, Piraka! [Pitch]

Few have seen them, and even fewer have lived to tell the tale of their confrontation with the Piraka. But those who have will remark that the last thing they saw before trying to get away was a large ship that had a village on it back.

This is the flagship of the Piraka, led by Captain Kulta and his crew of Skull Piraka

Once upon a time, they were from an island far away from the eyes of Arthaka. During the battle that sealed the brothers Ekimu and Makuta away, the Mask of Control was knocked from the Great Overseer’s face and into the farthest reaches of the ocean. The Element Lords felt it was of little consequence, as the mask was ever so slightly damaged that it likely wouldn’t be much use to anyone.

Oh how wrong they were about that.

A kraken like Rahi came into contact with the mask, and the two fused together into a creature that would come to be known as Tren Krom, The Maw of The Depths. The mask contained part of Makuta’s personality, and with it a desire to undo everything that he and his brother created.

The beast was filled with an insatiable hunger and set its sights on a nearby island. Some of the islanders tried to fight the beast, while the shamans tried to appease it with offerings of food. Both were victims of the monster’s appetite, but still the beast was hungry.

Neither food, nor the foolish beings who tried to fight it would satiate its appetite. Tren Krom hungered for something greater.

The island itself.

The few who escaped Tren Krom did so with a fleet of sailboats, but it wasn’t long before the monster turned to the refugees, and eventually they drained their elemental powers without an Island bearing the means to replenish them. In time, the few mystics among them communicated with the monster at the price of their own sanity, and discovered that it hungered for whole landmasses.

And so it was, with their arc leading the way, and Tren Krom trailing far behind, the Piraka would lay the anchor on the shore of the nearest landmass, loot and plunder its resources, and leave whatever was left to be eaten by their tormentor-turned-god as they sail towards the next shore to start again.

Will they wash up on the shores of Arthaka? And if they do, can the Toa defeat both the Piraka, and Tren Krom?


I like the idea behind them.

However, there are a few issues regarding the current cannon story:

  1. All Matoran have lived in the island of Artaka since their creation. So further down the story this needs to be explained.
  2. Being corrupted by the mask of control has no immediate logical connection to hungering for landmasses.

The rest is pretty interesting and thought provoking. In fact I think you could make a mini series of this group of people.


To address your points

  1. I was not actually aware of that plot point. The jury seems to be out on whether or not other lands exist beyond the shores of Arthaka. There are sailors and fishermen in canon, but nothing on just how far beyond the Arthakan waters they have ventured.

One idea I had was that the captain would monologue about how they don’t need a map to find new lands and how all that will exist when they are done is their tribe and the ocean. Something along those lines

If they are Piraka, perhaps the ancestors of these islanders were once Matoran criminals from Arthaka banished here and the island initially served as a penal colony like Australia before eventually establishing a civilization of their own. And in time, the colony strayed from its original purpose. Of course, these descendants would eventually follow in the footsteps of their ancestors with no other choice or else face extinction. Piracy became a life choice, then to their whole way of life, and the Piraka began again

  1. It was meant to follow a similar line of thought to the damaged Vahki in G1: The only way to maintain order is to make sure no living thing is left. Makuta/Tren Krom was basically aiming to wipe out everything that existed, until nothing was left but the void. Obviously at some point the creature would be stopped by the Toa, but I figure the aim was to use it as a puppet to carry out its bidding. I imagine this kraken was a predatory creature, and the influence of the Makuta made it’s instincts go haywire. A little nod to the G1 mythos of controlling Rahi with infected masks.
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I enjoy the concept, but the Piraka have been confirmed to be Dark Hunters. (It’s not mentioned much though, so I can understand if you missed it).

It’s still a cool idea though. Could be fine with some tweaking.


Yeah, the biggest problem is that we don’t even know if there are any other islands, and then there’s the fact that no Matoran are from other islands.

And now six warlords fight for it to seek an escape from their banishment. [quote=“A2B2C2, post:1, topic:44231”]
a desire to undo everything that he and his brother created.

So, himself?

Wow. Stellar performance. Slow clap.[quote=“A2B2C2, post:1, topic:44231”]
eventually they drained their elemental powers without an Island bearing the means to replenish them

Oh yeah, that’s another thing. Seeing how the Elemental Lords are not on this island, it wouldn’t have elements to begin with.

Now that sounds very time-consuming…

Okay, so the major issues with this are the ideas that these Matoran come from a different island that you’ve already talked about being banished and such, so I’ll leave that alone.

Second, another island may not even exist, though I’m sure TTV could change that if needed. If not, perhaps the Matoran could have built a floating prison like Alcatraz, and common visits by Tren Krom could have forced all of the guards out.

Third, if this other island did exist, it would have no elements, so leaving it would change nothing. Perhaps they were banished from Artahka, but as they spent time away, their masks broke off and elements drained, turning them into big-mouthed monsters with no sense of morality whatsoever.

Fourth is definitely Tren Krom. I think if the Toa were fighting him underwater, and his priority was to devour the island, he could just swim over them, break off any feeble attempts at slowing him down, and keep going. I would suggest giving his motivation to be mainly his primal instincts, guarding territory, preying on food, and defending himself from attackers. If he is looking for food, and is attacked by the Toa, he would break off from the hunt and protect himself as well as squash the Toa.

Fifth, the Piraka’s individual names are canon, but not the word “Piraka”. I love the idea of Piraka being pirates, and I like the pitch so far, so with some tweaking, this pitch could be amazing!

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