You decide what happens next 2!

A long time ago (which was only about a week), I created a fantastic topic known as “You decide what happens next!” It was a collaborative story that @Toa_Vladin, @Tuaro, @Jakanader and other people helped me write. the story eventualy ended, but I really wanted to continue. I have decided to resurrect the story and create a sequel!

Learning from the experiences of the first story, I have decided to create more definative rules this time around:

  1. I know that I’m calling this a sequel, but it is in no way associated with the original story. I wanted to wipe the slate clean to make room for new ideas.
  2. this time, I want to write a serious story instead of a goofy, crazy story. I thought it would be fun to write a real story, want it to seem like an actual novel.
  3. To compensate for that, I will be handing over more control to the other writers. Your posts can be as long as needed, depending on how much you want to contribute to the story. I will still have a presence in this topic, but it wont be as strong as last time because I dont want to interfere too much with other people’s plans for the story.
  4. Character-wise, anything goes, whether they be a canon character from a franchise, OC, or a MOC. However, they must be in a serious context and relevant to the situation. (for example, the main character goes to space and encounter xenomorphs fighting transformers).

And that is all!

As before, I will start the story:

A being awoke with a start in a dark cell. They couldn’t see anything in the pitch black. Where am I? they thought. The being had No memory of who they were or what had happened prior, only what was happening now. Sudddenly, the cell door opened, filling the dark room with light…

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…The light showed that this was not a prison, but in fact a…

A door opens, revealing a geometric structure. Struts lean forwards into a sky light. The Sky was grey and water pelted the glass…

…Windows. He looked at his reflection in the window and realized…

… His face was almost completely hidden behind white bandages…

His limbs and torso were covered in burns and scars, and his hands…

Were gone, replaced with robot hands. They trembled with nerves. What happened to me?! he asked himself in fear and confusion.

The silence was interrupted by the sound of a door creaking open, as a man dressed like a monk stepped through.

The man violently grabbed the monk by the throat. “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?! TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!” he screamed.

The monk smirked and closed his fist. The chains around the man’s hand were pulled into the wall. “Don’t struggle, and you will feel much less pain.”

The man released the monk after the chains pulled him across the room and up against the hard concrete wall.

The Monk sat down. “Now, do you have any recollection of who you are or why you were brought here?”

The man tried to think of an answer, but only got more frustrated when he couldn’t remember anything.

“I think it would be too overwhelming to learn everything all at once. I’ll start by giving you a small piece of information…” the monk leaned into the man’s ear and whispered: “Jake. Your name is jake.”

Jake was thrilled to have any information at all about himself, yet still couldn’t remember a thing.

The monk could see Jake’s frustration. “Oh, still doesn’t ring a bell? Maybe a walk through town would do you some good. Go out and explore.” said the monk, opening a door leading outside…

Jake tried to leave through the door, but the chains pulled even tighter. The Monk just laughed. “You won’t get to leave until you answer my question.” He then pulled out a tranquilizer dart, and threw it at Jake’s arm. He began to feel his eyelids closing…

Jake instantly felt asleep.

He woke up about two hours ago. He was tied by an old wooden chair. The walls of the room were of a blindly white, so bright that Jake needed a few seconds to adjust to his surroundings. There were, however, some red spots, most likely blood, here and there.
The Monk was in front of him. On the wall behind him was a screen, and on the screen was the image of what seemed to be a white and sparkly Infinity Gauntlet with all of the six Stones in it. Next to the image, on the screen, were the words ‘The Vitinity Gauntlet’.
“All right, Jake.” The Monk said. “Tell me everything that you know about the Vitinity Gauntlet.”
To which Jake responded…

@Toa_Vladin This is supposed to be a serious topic. If you want to tie it into Marvel, then OK, but that’s not even how you spell “Infinity Gauntlet,” and it seems to me like you’re trying to turn this into a weird parody thing.


OOC: It’s okay. I was actually planning on implementing the vithinity gauntlet as a plot device to provide a small bridge to the original story. Besides that, there is no other connection to the original story.

IC: “What are you talking about? I don’t know what the ‘vithinity guantlet’ is, much less where it’s even located!”
The monk smirked.“Really? Because that’s not what you said when you had your memories!” The monk slapped Jake across his face. I’ve gotta get out of here! Jake thought to himself. He looked around the room for a way to escape…