Your avatar

Okay, so this was already a closed topic I saw once, except that one got off topic, but since I felt it was an interesting concept, I thought it deserved to run again
Or @Eljay can close it, but basically explain your avatar and why you have it

I chose mine as I liked the Mistika


Original self moc, and a lucky bit of request art I got.

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My ridiculous name.

I like this mask.

I’m a obsessed with Makuta and 2008.

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My personal favorite MOC I have posted so far on this site.

A symbol I liked from Bionicle 2016’s first wave. The version I have used since I first joined the site is one I drew in MS Paint.


Really? That symbol looked like Nexo Knights to me!

It’s the second symbol from the Toa Uniters and Creatures boxes; it’s the one that’s not a Nuva symbol.

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A pixel animation I made


RIP the original topic.

But anyway, my avatar for the past three years has been the teaser poster for my selfMOC, Jetera.

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My current avatar…
A turtle
Because of a server on Discord.

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My avatar is a piece of art of a moc I made for a contest, and as a reward for winning, I got the art. Contrary to what most people might think, the moc is not my selfmoc.

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my avatar is a gif I made of my original avatar that appeared on this site.


My avatar is a mystery person, who? No body knows… hey you, get out of the what do you really look like topic!

The art of a Vakama minifig (His final form) I did for Brickonicle.

rn it’s pedro ii’s icon from civ 6

Just Shockwave with a Monopoly head.

Cause master chief is best green guy, (besides doomguy)


Just one my many Bionicle/Marvel “pieces” I’ve created, this one for Far From Home.