Your ideal lego theme

I don’t think anyone has done this topic before or at least I haven’t found one in my search results so hopefully this thread should countinue to exist. Now anyway if you could make your own lego theme and it could be however you want whatever marketing promotional games if you want those a tv show shorts online whatever you. Want HOW WOULD IT BE???




Hero war. A warhammer 40k-tier grim and dark war taking place after hero factory.


I would love to see Mobile Frame Zero turned into a lego theme.


Various iconic Gundam mecha and scenes turned into a series of sets.


LEGO Godzilla with no army minifigures, just G-Force Minifigures and Vehicles, with Brick-built Kaiju!


I’d honestly like to see the redux of an older theme.

Namely Adventures or Blacktron.

Or(unpopular opinion time) Bionicle sometime down the road.

A new BIONICLE theme made of system, with mini-figures as BIONICLE characters and you build iconic scenes. Titans would also be built out of system.


a Lego line similar to Bionicle
it has a fleshed out world
and unique characters
and is aimed at a older audience


I want an edgy version of the Fabuland theme.

It’ll have all the same molds from the original line, but printed to be all gritty and gross. The figures will also be identical to its predecessor, but all the prints are based off of Chima’s characters.

The story is simple and aimed for kids. Percy Pig murdered Blondi cuz she ate his bacon. This leads to an all out civil war between three groups: The Percy-side, the Blondi-side, and the “Why the heck are we doing this? You do realize that we’re just a bunch of plastic toys made for toddlers, right?” side.


I want a Castle theme with about three different factions of knights and a mobile game to go with it. The game has you choose one of the factions to align with and the sets contain codes and characters that complement the game and give you cool stuff. I imagine it developing into a Pokemon Go level of competition.


If anything I’ll just be original and go with my Mega Mechs

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Speaking of i wonder why they made Pokemon Lego when it was hella big
they would’ve got a pretty penny for it.

Seeing how another brick-based toy company owns the rights to Pokemon and the fact that it takes months to years for a set to go from the design stage to a retailer’s shelves, it’s not hard to see why.

I don’t know much but now I know that. Thank You Kind Sir!

sounds like the TTV Civil War


I was originally going to give a long, thought out description of what I wanted in a theoretical Lego theme, but I realized I was literally describing the mid years of Bionicle G1… alrighty then…

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This is so true. I’d love it.

But if that’s not possible, a lego Exo Force reboot/revamp.


I can’t imagine it’d be a very expensive license to purchase. The only issue is that board/tabletop games aren’t very popular in Lego themes.

also after looking at how badly designed Exo Force builds were I agree they are in need of a revamp dearly

Plus the game is based on customization

Exo Force was a cool concept tho