Zaria, outcast Toa of Iron

This is my interpretation of Zaria (which I’m planning to submit in the future Duckbrick’s fanon contest).
All the pieces (minus the mask, obviously) exist in the colors I’ve used, which is a condition that I always impose on myself when designing contest entries. This time that proved to be a real pain, since there are not many pieces that come in dark orange and pearl dark gray (Zaria canon colors), so much so that you can find here and there a couple of black or dark gray pieces.

The proportions are deliberately somewhat weird, to make it stand out from the “standard” Toa and emphasize even more the fact that Toa of Iron are pretty rare (thanks to the Brotherhood).

Zaria’s canon weapon is a staff, but what does that really mean? Is it just a big stick, or something more ornate like the tool of mage?
As you may assume, english is not my first language, so I simply decided to give him a melee weapon in the form of a quartestaff. It has five connection point and can be stored on the back, using a technic pin.

Here’s some size comparisons (he’s a big boy):

With Gelu, for story purpose

With @doni’s Orde (hope you don’t mind me using your moc and you have my vote for the Duckbrick’s contest) and my Chiara.


That is a very creative hip set up! I love this!


Added some size comparisons.


You and SCDM1999 are 2 of the most talented builders I’ve ever seen. Never stop making these awesome fanon creations!


Thank you for your appreciation, but I think I’m still a noob throwing pieces together (and sometimes the results aren’t that bad).
It’s been only a couple of years since I got sucked back into Bionicle and started mocing (all thanks to the canon/fanon contest that reignited my passion).
I still have a long road ahead.

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While the size is definitely a downfall of this MOC, I can see the efforts put into this to make the colors fit your ideal, which is an admirable goal. Good luck.