Z'arr, The Initiator

Hello guys and gals! TheBolderBoulder here with another MOC. This one is called the Initiator.
You can also see the next version of this MOC right here.

So, he’s called the Initiator, but who or what does he initiate? Well, I’m glad you asked! He is another member of the clan called Splinter. The Nameless One finds individuals who he finds worthy to be part of their clan, then the Initiator takes them in. He is basically the second hand man to The Nameless One, the leader of the clan.
His real name is Z’arr, but is usually called by his title. He is a very powerful being, but, he also has a few tricks up his sleeve, err, cloak, whatever. You’ll see in a minute, lol.

Most of the time, he will be seen with his cloak covering his right arm. But when necessary…

He will uncover it…

To reveal his true power!

And, speaking of his true power…

Once he inserts the mask in his chest cavity…

He is able to use it’s elemental powers in his right arm.

As you can see, he doesn’t have any weapons right now, and I’d like that to change. But, I’m not sure what to give him. I’v tried a gun, but it didn’t look all that great. So, jokingly, I asked myself, How would he look with Kylo Ren’s lightsaber?
Well, self, here’s your answer:

Not all that bad, actually. So, I think a blade/sword would be the best option. Do any of you all have any ideas for a good sword for him? Suggestions greatly appreciated!
Also, if you have any tips on how to make this MOC better, it would be helpful. If you’d like to see any more angles of this MOC, also let me know.
Thanks everyone!

Here is a Link to the New Version of this MOC.


I think having a lightsaber trimmed with blades would look good. And nice moc, although the arm reveal was somewhat disappointing.

Hm… the crast is an excellent mask, the cloak works alright, and other than the slightly empty shoulder/collarbone region, he looks pretty cohesive. That said, silver and black don’t make for the most inspiring color scheme, even if they are appropriate for a shadowy character.

As for the weapon: personally, I’d give him some sort of spear or lance…

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Did you paint that Krika head silver or did you find a version like that. Otherwise this is a good moc with an interesting power

No. I can’t remember which set it came in, but it’s official.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I agree with you on that. I put in a few white pieces here and there because of that, but I should add in another color somehow.

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Two of them were included in the Thornatus V9, released in 2009:


so he finds Initiates
(His title is a Double entendre)

Excellent use of the phantoka ribcage.

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This guy looks sweet, great job. :smile:

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I’d say use a broadsword with a hilt the length of a spear handle, using the blade piece on the bottom of 2015 lewa’s axes for the blade.

This kind of reminds me an old moc I’ve seen a while ago, I just can’t remember it…

It’s pretty cool, I like when he’s holding Tahu’s mask :smile:

Thanks for the clarification!

Fixed it, haha.

Thanks! That Phantoka Makuta torso is something I’ve been wanting to use it for a long time, and took this as the opportunity. Same goes for the mask and custom jaw.

This is fantastic!

He’s relatively simple, but has enough defining features and good design choices to make him an interesting looking character. That’s always awesome to see in peoples’ mocs. Very well done!

If I were to nitpick, I’d probably say that the white seems a little odd. It doesn’t really have enough of a significant presence to call it a secondary color, nor enough consistency to be considered a highlight. It’s just kind of there

As for a weapon… I think I could see him with an ornately decorated spear or another type of polearm.

Out of curiosity, what is the context of this guy’s story? G2?

Well, neither generation, really. He’s part of some different place entirely. The people of this world have no knowledge of the Matoran Universe or Okoto. I honestly don’t really have a name for their world either, haha.
Also, thanks for the feedback! I think I’ll try to put more of the white into the design.

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I really like this MOC! The arm reveal was a little odd, as it didn’t seem special at first. I like the complexity and what you’ve done with the head. Great job!

I hear ya. What do you think would make it better? I know for one thing is I should change the upper arm. The lower part of the arm is completely custom built.

Here are some close ups on the right arm:

Outside of arm

Inside of arm

Back end/elbow

Hopefully those are helpful.


This is awesome! Love it :slight_smile:

I guess Nemesis is his relative with that somewhat larger arm

I was expectin either some massive weapon or gross mutation, so he has a reason to hide it. Right now it just seems like a normal arm but black.

Cool, this definitely looks like a Makuta Mistika.