#2: Wind Thrall (Biowave Project)

#The Biowave Project: The Elemental Thralls

Hostile forces begin to stir on Valda Nui as powerful elemental creatures rise from the dark corners of the island, relentlessly and aggressively defending mysterious crystal obelisks.

#Part 2: Wind Thrall

_Concept art by @Scorpion_Strike and Kaibagal

A swarm of violent insects defend the deep jungles of Bo-Wahi. With a deadly stinger tail and wings capable of producing tree-toppling winds, they are indeed a forced to be reckoned with.

Story details will be highlighted in bold.


The Elemental Thralls take inspiration from the most iconic design features of both generations of Bionicle, especially from those of the 2001 Rahi, using unique aesthetics and functions while also providing a more clean and cohesive aesthetic.

Element: Air
Theme: Wasp
Main Adversary: Tamaru
Approximate Parts Count: 135
Function: Flapping wings
Inspiration: Nui-Rama (theme), Gorast (head design), Nui-Jaga (legs)
Acknowledgements: Preliminary head design by @Gilahu


The Wind Thrall is the smallest Thrall (in size and parts count) and is built almost completely from basic Technic parts.


The Wind Thrall features a single function: rapidly flapping wings.

Check out the video below to see the function in action:

Thumbnail by @Xeros610, intro music by @Cazapar

##Behind the Scenes

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The gear box seems to work as well as I expected. I have to say it again - great job there! It’s definitely the highlight of this MOC.

I forgot you hadn’t seen it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll send you all the function vids now

No need - it gives me something to be still excited for :wink:

That function is so gooood, it really creates the effect of insect wings well and its integrated into the build so seamlessly. Plus it has that early bionicle vibe to it which is always awesome to see

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Nice MOC! Beware my stinger tail!


i really like this little guy, although im not sure how i feel about his lack of feet. but either way he looks great

2001 nostalgia, is that you?

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This is one of the better bug Rahi I’ve seen designed. The shaping of the body and stinger tail goes wonderfully in liaison with the function, not looking too bulky or awkward. The head though is perhaps my favorite part of the MOCs design, looking effectively insectoid and sporting some nice shaping.

“Big”? You should see the later Thralls :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is cute buggo

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Whoops! I meant to say bug.

Nifty. Feels very Slizer to me, probably because of the legs. Almost seems like a bug-Gukko. I’m interested in seeing the Sand Thrall, now.

When I first saw the Storm Thrall, I assumed that all of the Thralls would be long serpents. I am extremely happy to see this amount of variety.


Oh wow, a Giant Nope MOC, how lovely.


may i ask what you mean by this?

Bugs are usually called Nopes as in “nope not dealing whit this bugger cause it scares me to be even near it”.


I like this moc, I will have to modify something similar for my rahi I’m world-building lol, I had just thought of a similar gear box a few nights ago for a dragon fly, and forgot to build it until I came across this post!

Eventually I will find a platform to upload all my rahi on, besides brickshelf, maybe a FB page… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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