A TTV Boards Story THE THREEQUEL: Signups [CLOSED!! (again) STORY IS BECOME REAL!!!]

The Book Of Ramblings.

The Book Of Logic.

The third and possibly final book in the series “The Book Of _____” written by me and starring TTV Boards Members. Whereas the second one did not allows those from the first book to participate, this one will allow any and all users from the previous two books to participate again. You’re welcome.

Two other major changes:

  • Total member limit bumped up to 30
  • Time limit for joining raised to Two Weeks

As usual, the rules:

  • I can disregard the attempts of any user who may desire to join for whatever reason I prefer, without the necessity to explain why
  • Under no circumstances will someone be forced to participate or end up drafted in
  • If you want in, you must list your gender, and you also have the option to provide any extra info which you would like for me to use as the basis for representing you (I also sometimes use profile pictures at the time of signing up for how I portray users)
  • There will be a significant number of character deaths in this book, so do not be surprised if your character is one which gets killed off
  • Support me on Kickstarter for my spicy FNAF romance novel in which Freddy Fazbear turns human and is also a college-age hunk for some reason
    EDIT: Freddy Fazbear has consumed all the toes of every character in the entire FNAF universe there’s no stopping him he has too much power please help
  • PLEASE give me honest critique for this as it is primarily a writing exercise and I greatly appreciate the feedback

The Naive Neophytes:
@Ghid Appears in Chapter 1
@N01INPARTICULAR Appears in Chapter 26
@Eilrach Appears in Chapter 13
@Axelford Appears in Chapter 28
@Winger Appears in Chapter 22
@Dadertrix Appears in Chapter 23
@Rukah Appears in Chapter 11
@Racie02 Appears in Chapter 23
@notAhfFAN Appears in Chapter 3
@Hawkflight Appears in Chapter 3
@Vile_Cephalopod Appears in Chapter 5
@Chronicler Appears in Chapter 18
@Cordax Appears in Chapter 11
@Lesnichiy Appears in Chapter 27
@Diero Appears in Chapter 2
@Sonus Appears in Chapter 18
@GoodGuy2006 Appears in Chapter 17
@Krelikan Appears in Chapter 3
@OraNui Appears in chapter 29
@Mr.Monopoly Appears in chapter 16

EDIT: Signups are now closed FOR REALISM. This will become real in soonish.

EDIT EDIT: (real)


You son of a gun I’m in.

If it’s possible I’d like my appearance in comic of ramblings

Also I’m still male


“Let’s do it again!” Count me in


Ugh I didn’t even show up in the last version where I would supposedly show up, can I trust you, @Ghid McGick to not fail me this time?

Unless that hero to be was supposed to be me but still…

I felt like Book of Logic was not done or at least not ready to be attached to Book of Logic but I am interested to see how this will work.

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Bruh, Makuta and Takanuva? Might be a bit op

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i’ll read it if you put me in

The narcissistic cushion hater is back.

but saying “I’m in” or “sign me up” sounds cringe

darn uh

Enter me into thine liste, oh enlightened one.

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Wait, Book of Logic isn’t over, is it?


You need to look harder :wink:

I get very clever with usernames

Hardly, I’m just lacking in any and all foresight


Alright, guess I have some reading to do,
Am boy btw

Also, the only reason why the people who are currently in are in is because I know their genders, which they didn’t list. Otherwise they’d need to clarify.

i’ll take that as a no

Oh my gosh he’s the car.



the AXLE


If you knew why didn’t you say anything?

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I like flexing my superior intellect. You knew this.

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let me in.
I’m male.

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What exactly are you looking for?

If it’s “being well-written” (I.E. Tolkien writing vs. James Patterson writing), I’m not sure how helpful I can be. I can find grammar and spelling and stuff, but I’m guessing that’s not what you’re looking for.

If it’s “narratively good” (I.E. Lord of the Rings vs. The Twilight Saga), that I might be more helpful with. I can point out stuff like “this contradicts earlier events, this character should have done X, you never explain why Winger’s head exploded”, etc.


Realize first that I began book of ramblings with a man eating spinach and book of logic by putting on pants.

look man it was one time


stop projecting your own desires.