Annihilatress Lariska (Not really toa sized) By Sargos.

“Insert a generic remark about making her not to look like a vortix as much as possible”
I brainstormed this moc in 2 days, using various technicues I accumulated from experimenting with toa metru builds.
To be honest she turned out WAAAY better than I thought she would and only uses 4 “painted” parts, the 3 teal axle connectors and one dark blue tripple connector in that creates her mask, plus one 2-long bar in the back of her head, so the custom parts are minimal.

Now tell me with honesty, does she look femenine?
I wasn’t going for curves obviously, she’s supposed to be slick and lean, agile looking. But I believe the armor is still important to create a threatening look of an experienced assassin.

  1. Hourglass Shape 2) Skirt. 3)Heels. 4) Tube Hair.
    Nice teal fishtail, huh?

There are some fairly… curious technicues used throughout the build.

The head design was inspired by an fanart of Teridax467smocs, here it is:

Also made a fully functional sniper disk launcher for her, comprised of vahki launcher and a hero factory claw. Pretty sure it would fire in you squeze the cheeks. Translusent bars and the scope as a cherry on top.
The scope is even slightly adjustable.

For melee she has 3 blades: a dagger, a wrist-mounted blade and a parrying blade (can also be used as a hook for climbing).

Wrist blade and her launcher can be stored on her back (Two axle holes), while daggers can be attached to the pins on her thighs (4 Pin holes).

Feet are inspired by Lariska, the Turquoise Ninja (DuckBricks Fanon Contest Entry) with a different heel.

Let’s see some of that agility in action.

Her right hand has a double balljoint that’s supposed to help articulation, plus the teal miru is also mounted on a balljoint so you can get it out of the way while posing her.
The shoulder cover on her left shoulder rotates on a pin in 2 places, so you can ajust it as well to pose the mechanical arm (which has a frictionless cover on the upper arm)

Here is the reason why she will never be cannonized, Lannon Lariska is supposed to be the size of a toa, but mine is noticeably taller (Though not quite titan sized). So might as well give her a unique name that would go with Annihilatress (put sugestions in the comments if you want)

Spider man toa inika.

Or maybe it’s an alternative universe Lariska that decided to overthrow The Shadowed One and became the leader of Dark Hunters herself


Now, with presentation out of the way, I wanna give you a sneak-peak at some of the alternative limb and head configurations and prototipes which left over from her.

The first configuration has an analog of Sidorak’s blade that is supposed to function as a hidden blade, but I decided it would take too much space.
The last right arm configuration looks real slick and good, but the articulation is almost as bad as toa metru, miru mask would preven her from lifting the arm up.
Could’ve used slizer hand for a thigh armor, but it’s a bit too flat, what do you think?

Now the heads

From left to right: 1) Samurai with pigtails configuration. 2) Triple tube-face configuration. 3) Teal tube punk configuration. 4) Tube ornament with some clipping issues.

Instructions down in the comments.


This looks great. The whole build looks really cool.

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oooh I like the design. Not exactly a fan of how the head specifically the hair bit looks a bit much like roodakatho. using McToran feet was amazing tho

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Wow this really blew me away upon first glance, my wip had the same Kakama Chest. I love design wise the skirt, Miru shoulder and general colour blocking along with choices in asymmetry.

Personally though I wouldn’t have voted as I am rather stubborn and believe high heels are not good for stealth plus the hourglass while nicely done does stand out too much to me. But I’m glad you’ve settled on giving this Moc an identity of it’s own, I can see it working as the alt universe one you stated.

Still…there are some ideas that might soak their way down into my creative process for my entry, if you don’t mind of course.


I love the alternate parts and equipment. She looks so good :smiley: This honestly might be one of my favorite versions of her.

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Well, I don’t feel like scaling her down to try and meet the cannon height limit, which the contest will probably put. It would really mess up her humanoid proportions, being forced to make the arms even shorter. Contest is prob years away so no big deal, don’t think I would care as much when it will finally start… I do have plans for tuyet tho.
Can’t stop you from taking ideas and inspirations anyway, so you have my blessing. Make the best use of them for your Lariska.

There is the particular technicue for skirt attachment using the triple-pin connector LEGO Technic Connector with Hole and 2 Pins (15461 / 46189) | Brick Owl - LEGO Marketplace
I placed it vertically to use as a base for skirt connection attachment on the lower torso. The first time I use this technicue. Also big surprise that Nuparu’s claw fits perfectly as a front cover.

Edited for Double Post - BioKnight

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Love to have instructions for her. Also do you have an Instagram?

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It was right after I finished her that I started to consider making instructions, studio has that function built in, right? I just gotta watch tutorial then. And as for instagram I was literally just banned there a couple days ago and I have absolutely no idea why, the only thing I did is change my profile name.

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Oooh I like it!

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I don’t think I said anything about the height? Or the proportions? It really is nice as is.

:sunglasses: I am sure that will be epic, look forward to that.


I was reffering to cannon description that Greg gave her: “She’s about the size of a toa” so I assume TTV would put a height limit for the contest, something like: not taller than the tallest toa (Which would be toa inika).
Mine isn’t a titan sized, but still taller than inika so…

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They probably won’t; the Artakha and Helryx contests had no limits on what size or scale could be used:

You’ll definitely want to keep in mind that people will likely want to display the winning model next to other figures, so scale should probably be considered, but it won’t be mandatory.


Yeah, I hope it would be the case with her as well, but maybe Helryx and Artakha just didn’t have such a clear height description as Lariska, though Greg didn’t say which type of toa exactly she’s similar in size to, so I can only guess how TTV staff gonna interpret that.

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What a rip off

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I just ran frough some physical build testing and I think I’m gonna ditch the fin hair piece if I’ll make instructions for her, because that peice forced me to use the wobbly connection through a single 2-long bar that would make the whole construction on the back of her head not very stable. I originally thought that the friction would be enough, but I forgot how poor the friction is on the cam pieces. Nothing major in the overall head construction, just one piece on the back.

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I’ve seen those feet in another Lariska MOC but I can’t remember which one


This is Knife-edge death match

Jokes aside, is an amazing moc and one of my favorite potential Lariskas so far, but please, change those feet.


I did change them actually, the heel is different, also thinking about adding toes… So hope you’re okay with me taking your idea as a base.
I don’t really mind if people will use techincues from my moc for their Lariskas, especially since the amount of teal parts is rather limited. It was hard to pass such a good feet design.

In addition I’m not sure if it will ever be an entry, if they put the rule of her being “about the size of a toa”, like Greg described, I’m not gonna bother scaling her down, that might become an issue with your Lariska as well.


Pretty awesome build! I really like the overall construction, however the glatorian neck in the waist is really thin, so that could be fixed.

Dang, all these lariska mocs are putting mine to shame… :joy:

You shouldn’t feel that way, everyone is taking inspiration from each-other either via building technicues, or artworks.


I know, but the way and pieces you used to connect he hand connector to the Tohunga feet is exactly the same. I’ve seen some other MOCS using modified Tohunga feet like this one (Toa Macku (with custom Tohunga feet)) that explicitly said were inspired by mine an still look completely unique.

About the height, it wasn’t a rule in Artakha nor Helryx’s contest despite having known heights, of course, having a canon height helped the winner MOCs in the polls. However, there’s a more recent post by Greg where he said Lariska’s height relative to a Toa is unknown (Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 863). He probably forgot he said she was Toa sized at some point, but in the end it means Lariska can be as tall as we want her to be.

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