Art commision self MOC

Alright here is another art commision for @TheMOCingbird of his self moc. He asked for a g2 animation style and I think the drawing captures that well. There are a few things that I will make a little bit different.

Here is his topic: Kryuin (OA RP)

BTW I think I‘m gonna start charging for these haha not too much though but for now THEY ARE FREE! If you want one send me a message with the details.


Can you do my self-Moc?

Of course, send pics :wink:

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Here’s a link to the topic! link

Heyy, always good to see Kryuin around. Looks nice!

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Thank for doing the commission, I think he came out great!


Very nice work. When you finish Cordrax’s moc, quite possibly, maybe could you do a drawing of my self moc Locus? I kinda wanna see him in art form, preferably in anything but the G2 art style as he is a G1 character. (btw he is supposed to have a white waist cape. I just forgot to include it in the pictures)

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Just out of curiosity, what is a self moc?

Sorry, been out of the game for a long time

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It’s a moc that’s a representation of yourself, whether it’s a mascot or how you see yourself in the bionicle universe/fan-fic alternate universe. (Not limited to just bionicle, most of them just happen to be)

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Oh that’s cool! So it’s kind of like an avatar? I remember about 10 years ago, my buddy and I did that with minifigs.

Then we beheaded all of the other minifigs with our swords.


Yes, that’s a better way to put it


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