Artakha (Canon contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Hey, this is my entry for the Meet the Maker contest. After regretting not entering the last contest, I finally decided to do it. My goal was to make it tall enough without looking dumb and real strong while not using hard-to-find pieces.

And the breakdown:

And in case you want more pics, here’s a link to my Flickr


That’s a really nice hammer design. Not too spiky or oversized or long or overly weapon-like or made of Power Miners wheels. A lot of the other ones I’ve seen look like they’re specifically designed to whack people’s brains out or mash them to a pulp, whereas this one, despite being heavily detailed, still manages to look like it could be used for forging. It’s very ornate and interesting, especially the way the handle flows into the head.

I don’t get the hose on the back of his neck though. What is it? A collar? That strange assembly also adds an extra two shades of green to the Moc, which is against the rules.

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Hey, thanks a lot. The hose in the back of the head it’s supposed to be like an aura detail. As if he was emanating light


Excellent MOC, I like the light “halo” behind him, makes him seem divine.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to post a link to your topic here: BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker - #271 by Racie02 to officially enter.

-Solaris Magnus

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thanks, it is my first time posting on this site. it’s kinda confusing

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Looks good, seems like it’s taking elements from several of the other entries and remixing them in interesting ways. Especially like the leg & foot design. And he’s exactly as tall as tobduk hehehe

You’re exactly right. In my design process y create different mood boards to create “the ultimate version” (just as I did with my Helryx if you’re interested in checking her out). And since the height was an important factor, I was precise with it.

Many things to talk about the moc, for me you make a good balance between dark green, gold and gray, I’m not a big fanatic of working with gold since I respect the biosector and the sites but this is a good iteration of the moc.

It’s good to see a hammer that doesn’t use wheels, It has become a trend topic using that in mocs for Artakha, in many forms, it’s too heavy to use it and has to go threw many test achiving the right balance, your version however is really great. It shows that you didn’t make it so pointy at the end which is also a problem that you solved, as it rips, hits the moc and in the process damage the pieces on the shoulder or arm.

Great moc, wish all the luck!

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