BIONICLE: Avokan Ackar & Celias bio

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ACKAR: Ackar, Fire Tribe Glatorian. After the reformation of Spherus Magna, Ackar held onto the dormant mask of life in the hope that Mata Nui could return one day. While less experienced with Elemental Powers as the Toa, Ackar trains them in melee combat for situations where their powers could be nullified.

CELIAS: Ce-Matoran Celias. She’s a calm and stoic Matoran who works as a psychiatrist. She carries a pen for her clipboard, which she records her notes on.

Headcanon voice actor: Jim Cummings (Ackar) and Cathy Weseluck (Celias).

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ADDENDUM: As the Ignika is dormant, anyone can touch it without being cursed.