BIONICLE: Avokan Kongu & Bomaru bio

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KONGU: Kongu, Toa of Air. After abandoning his Cordak Blasters, Kongu uses a Shrink Spear forged with Shrink Kanoka, allowing it to shrink whatever the spearhead touches. He makes comical use of it by shrinking his opponents and channeling his Air powers into it to blow them away.

BOMARU: Bo-Matoran Bomaru. He’s a skilled healer and botanist from the Southern Continent. A very gentle being, he dislikes confrontations, growing uncomfortable when brought into it. He possesses a great fear of Nui-Rama as his village would be frequently attacked by them. Despite his fears, he never hesitates to heal those who suffered a Nui-Rama attack.

Headcanon voice actor: Lee Tockar (Kongu) and Peter Kelamis (Bomaru).

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A shrink spear. Interesting. Petty use for the spear tho :stuck_out_tongue:


I felt it would suit his developing sense of humor.