BIONICLE Eternal Fan Project Models (Matoran Group 2) - Brahn and Katta

Welcome back to the BIONICLE Eternal Fan Project!

Bionicle Eternal is a story-based project, with custom constraction models representing important characters from the tale. Visit our advertising thread on these boards for more information about the project and its members, and also our website, where you can read about the lore, story, and characters.

For the first wave of content we have prepared twelve models, three written teasers, and one main story, split into acts and chapters. Our content will follow a weekly release schedule is found below, where you can also have quick access to all of our previously released content. Our website will also be updated weekly with the release of new models and new story content.

Week 1 (1/12018) - Matoran Group 1 (Sukiru and Melody), and one teaser
Week 2 (1/8/2018) - Matoran Group 2 (Brahn and Katta), and one teaser
Week 3 (1/15/2018) - Matoran Croup 3 (Saburo and Shu-Tural), and one teaser
Week 4 (1/22/2018) - Toa 1 (Maerkon), and Chapter 1 (Beginning of Act 1)
Week 5 (1/29/2018) - Toa 2 (Vineon), and Chapter 2
Week 6 (2/5/2018) - Toa 3 (Kerila), and Chapter 3
Week 7 (2/12/2018) - Toa 4 (Friana), and Chapter 4
Week 8 (2/19/2018) - Toa 5 (Yeela), and Chapter 5
Week 9 (2/26/2018) - Toa 6 (Grillon), and Chapter 6
Week 10 (3/5/2018) - Chapter 7
Week 11 (3/12/2018) - Chapter 8
Week 12 (3/19/2018) - Chapter 9 (Conclusion of Act 1)

Using community feedback from last week's release I was able to improve the models released today, so thank you all once again for your comments. They are very helpful and always welcome.

Matoran Group 2 - Brahn and Katta

Brahn: Chief strategist and general of the Le-matoran army, Brahn has been the mind behind some of the most ingenious (and insane) plans used in the war. Off of the battlefield he’s quite the prankster, but only meaning the best, always the first to laugh at a good joke. In addition, he’s the father of the Toa of Air: Friana.

Katta: Good-natured and always happy to help, one of Katta’s most significant contributions to the war was in one of Brahn’s strategies which organized lighting raids on enemy camps from underground.

Once again, thank you for looking! We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy our content. Be sure to look out for the second teaser story, also coming this week, and to check back next week for the third group of models.

See you next time!


Katta looks fantastic, and the cloak on brahn fits really well

These are pretty cool they remind me a lot of metrutoran.