Bionicle G1 analysis series

I decided to make an easily accesible list of all my current and upcomming topics in the series of analyses focused on many aspects of G1 Bionicle. Many more are comming in the future.

  1. Many flavors of energy in the Matoran Universe
  2. Kapura - Master of the Art: a deep dive analysis
  3. Rhotuka firing rate analysis
  4. Power of the Toa Nuva - analysis
  5. Taipu’s strength - analysis
  6. Mental fortitude of various beings - analysis
  7. Redux II: Size of Spherus Magna system - analysis

Thank you for putting these together, they’re all very interesting reads and very informative and as an engineer I am definitely impressed by the time and effort you put into your analysis! Keep up the good work!


really cool to see someone doing some deep dives into some smaller parts of bionicle


Ah, that post about energy was a very interesting read. Thanks for bringing it to my attention