Bionicle Redrawn #2 - Toa Nuva Lewa (adaptive armour ver.)

It’s time for yet another drawing! This is my take on Lewa (not Eljay) Nuva in his adaptive armour form:

I have chosen to draw the reckless Toa of Air after Tahu for two reasons:

  • In the plot of 2008 Tahu was the leader of the “Swamp Team” and I thought it would make sense to draw the “Air Team” leader, Lewa, afterwards.
  • he is one of my favourite Bionicle characters

As for Lewa’s look, it is based on the set from 2008 and my revamp of that set.

Revamp picture

Sorry for the picture quality, that’s all I can do right now, cause I don’t have my camera setup at the moment.

As you can see, quite many things have been changed:
Lewa has an axe instead of a sword, because it is more fitting to him in my opinion;
I have changed the way his flight equipment works. I’ve tried to make the jetpack look sleeker and more manoeuvrable;
And finally, there is a new design for Lewa’s adaptive Miru Nuva. The original ones (both from the canister set and Axalara) had been amazing, but neither one of them resembled Lewa’s previous masks. Mine is based on @Galva_Nize’s adaptive Miru, which you can find here. It has some added details and removed mouthplate.

I have tried to show Lewa’s lighthearted and witty personality in his pose and facial expression. And yes, he does have a face. I have always imagined most beings in MU to have actual faces under their masks, so bear with me.

I am open to suggestions on what Bionicle characters I should draw in the future (these must be the characters who have already got canon appearances), I will add them to my to-draw list and try to draw as soon as possible :smile:

Thanks for viewing, tell me what you think!


Nice work!

Well, since you’re open to suggestions, might I recommend drawing Vezon?

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Oh my gosh
I love it

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Very cool artstyle!

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Maybe you could do some of the Piraka soon? I think they would look very good in this style.

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idk man looks a lot like eljay, just look at the soulless eyes and the fashion sense


Yes, but no. More like: “eljay looks a lot like Lewa”

Well, Vezon is my favourite Bionicle character, so I’ve considered to draw him anyways. I’ll add him to my to-draw list.

I can do that for sure :smiley:
Since they all have pretty similar designs, I think I could draw three of them in one drawing and then the other three in another. Added to the list!

Thanks, glad you like it, there’s more to come soon!