A cloaked figure walks to the group,
“Welcome… to what remains of a great civilization…”
Xano looks at the cloaked figure,
“Who are you.”
The figure states,
“I am naught but a seeker…a healer of sorts.”

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“Do you know what this place is? Where are we?” Mark asked the figure.

“Yes, in this universe this was once the strongest hold of the Exiebicuus race, they were… the creators of the Celestials, a name that you may find all to familiar.”
He looks at Adam,
“You’re armor bears the mark of the Celestials, was it a gift or a spoil of war?”

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A glowing lilac portal suddenly opened, and two figures stepped onto the grey, rocky surface.
The visibly older man looked around.
“So these are the saviors of the future.” He mused.
The younger man beside him scanned the group as well.
“Some of you seem familiar…” He muttered, his eyes flicking over Æhnyir and Richard.
Kyran, the older one, focused his unstaring gaze upon Richard.
“All too familiar.” He agreed.

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It’s @Jcton

“I need to sit down…” mark said, becoming heavily confused.

“Who are you?” Richard asked the two wizards.

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“It can’t be… How…?” Rohan gasped.
Kyran frowned. “It must be his son. Not him.”

ooc: just to clarify richard is the gamemaster’s grandson?

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OOC: Yes, The Gamemaster’s grandson.

IC: “I don’t get it. How do you know me?” Richard asked.

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Seeker looks at the two wizards. He felt that someone had seen through his disguise. His blue eye shown brighter was really the most defining feature that could be seen at the moment,
“I take it that I’ve met you from somewhere…but I don’t recognize you…is it from somewhen?”

Xano looks at the cloaked figure, who called himself a seeker and a healer. An idea passed trough his mind of what the seeker was implying.

Adam looks at them and simply asks,
“Explain yourselves.”

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Rohan scanned Seeker.
“… most likely somewhen.” Kyran replied wisely.
“Perhaps you were under a different name at one point.”

“We don’t. But we know your grandfather, and your father. You look exactly like them.” Kyran replied to Richard.

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A sour expression crossed Richard’s face.

“Oh…well I can assure you that I’m nothing like my grandfather. I promise.” He told them.

“Why did you come here?” Asked Mark.

“We know.” Kyran returned. “Nobody has ever gone through what Jonathan has. Nobody ever will.”
He turned to Mark. “We are here to help. We’ve been fighting these aliens for longer than you can imagine, and I believe we may offer some assistance.”

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“How so?” Mark asked.

“Do you think any of you could possibly get us back to our home dimension?” Richard asked everyone.


Kyran chuckled.
“Child’s play.” He replied. “To which dimension would you like to go back to?”

Seeker looks at him,
“My pasts? Was it the one where I was the human Æhnyir or the one the angel Errapel?”

Xano looks at the seeker slightly confused by what he meant. Nonetheless, he began using his gauntlet to search for their home universe. He decided to not rely on any unusual sense or some theory on how it worked. He simply felt for what feels like home. Xano felt his hand almost pluck some sort of string and a sensation of warmth came, perhaps he found it. Xano summons the power within his little project and opens a gateway.
He looks at it,
“Hey! I think this is closer to our universe, or it is our universe. It’s either closer or is our universe.”

Adam crosses his arms and looks at Xano,
“Looks like they have a way back too.”

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Rohan jumped, as if startled.
“Æhnyir? Is that really you?” He asked.

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Luxatium floats high in the air, barely visable again. So they are finally getting home. He thinks._ Might as well follow and see where this goes._ He finds the same thread of I energy, opens a gateway, and goes through.

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Just as Richard was about to answer, a portal suddenly opened, and the ship had followed them through.
Guns deployed from the ship, and were aimed at everyone.
Mark sighed in frustration.
“Oh no, they’re back! What are we going to do?!” Jack asked, afraid.

Suddenly, another portal opened nearby, and Glar, Tarkur, Zaktra and the High Archangels came out. “You look like you could use some help.” Zaktra said as he started attacking the ship.

Meanwhile, back on earth a figure suddenly appeared before Toxin and Steel Branch.
“Hello Toxin. It’s been a while.” The hooded figure said.

Glar came out, proudly holding his Sniper. He quickly eyed the ship and shot a bullet for test

Kyran and Rohan immediately leapt into action, forming a shield around the heroes.

Toxin frowned.
“Who are you?”

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Glar managed to blow a hole in the engine, crippling the ship and providing an opportunity for others to attack.

“Ha!” The hooded figure laughed as he threw down his hood, revealing himself to be Plague Knight.

“For a Celestial, you sure have a bad memory when it comes to your surperiors.”