PK would hear a loud bang immediately followed by the slight sensation of a 5.56 calibre bullet passing through his sternum, or whatever was in the location of the sternum I’m not a doctor

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Hydron looked at the damage made by Glar
“Now that looks like a powerful gun” he said
Glar began bragging about his weapon
“Yeah it is, upgraded from a simple M14 to something no one has seen before. I like to call it M682-”
“Now you’d better use it than talk about it!” Hydron shouted, shooting with his blasters

“Superiors?” Toxin repeated, chuckling at the end.
“I am more than twice your age, boy. I am more powerful than you ever have been or will be.”
He grabbed a can of the mind control gas.
“I created this.”
And he broke open the bottle and threw it at Plague Knight.

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Plague knight caught the gas grenade in his hand, crushing it with his fist. He was unfazed.
“Fool. My will and mental strength is far too powerful for me to be affected by your pathetic 'mind control’s gas.” He gloated, as he looked at the Scourge soldiers.
“Though it seems my followers aren’t as strong as I’d hoped…”

The bullet passed right through Plague Knight’s spine and then his sternum, but his only reaction was so much as tripping forward slightly. He silently turned around to face the shooter, as the hole in his chest regenerated and self-repaired.
“And who are you, rude enough to interrupt me?”

Language is a monumental development in the course of evolution, a big Hungarian with a shotgun however can carry a concept without words, in this particular case said concept is: ‘I’m going to drive this shotgun into the first orifice I find’

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Plague Knight sneered in response and nearby objects began shaking as he hovered into the air.

Plague Knight summoned forth piles of debris and psychically hurled them at both the shooter and Toxin.

Mad Boris braced for the blow as his allies quickly began getting some more weapons

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Mark stared at the strange armored fiery figure who had just appeared. He admitted that something ft familiar about him. The figure reminded Mark of…him. But Mark didn’t want to give himself false hope.
it couldn’t be. I saw him die…, he thought doubtfully.

But there was something about the figure that Mark felt in a metaphysical level. And it was a feeling he only associated with one being.

“Tarkur? Is that you?” Tarkur would hear Mark call out.

Tarkur doesn’t bother answering but he gives a quick wave and continued on with what he was supposed to do on his mission.

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Raphael knocked an arrow on his angelic bow, and as he fired it the ship exploded upon impact.
“Done and done.” He said, dusting off his hands.

“Okay.” Richard said as he started to pace around the room. He took a quick headcount of all the beings that were present:
Himself, Mark, Sadie, Elias, Connor, Bruce, Katrina, Xano, Adam, Kaleo, Jack, Mary, Logan and Sofia. That was Fourteen supers.
Archangels Michael, Auriel, Gabriel, Nathanial, Uriel, Sabriel and also Raphael. Seven Archangels.
Then there was Seeker, Kyran, Rohan, Zaktra and Tarkur. Five Wizards.
There was Glar and Hydron. Two robots.
And then there was Luxatium. One id.

So many powerful warriors, all together under the same roof.
“What exactly is going on here?” Richard asked out loud.

Hydron blinked “What we always do.”

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Xano closes the portal he made,
“Guess…no one saw that…”

Adam smirks,
“Am I no one?”

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Toxin merely morphed into gas.

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“I thought it was obvious from the ship.” Luxatium says. He turns to the Angel’s. "They’re back full force, aren’t they. "

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“Indeed, Luxatium.” Said Archangel Michael.

“We thought we had permanently crippled The Xir’algath when we thwarted their last attempted invasion; but now it seems that they have only become stronger and are even more powerful than last time.” Archangel Auriel added.

Mark gasped when he realized what they were talking about.

“Wait…so you’re saying that The Xir’algath…are back?”

Plague Knight began rapidly looking around in all directions.
“You cannot harm me, even in your gas form!” He declared out loud.

“Is that so?” Toxin asked, his voice reverberating all around Plague Knight.

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“You may be ancient, but that is exactly your weakness.” Plague Knight said to Toxin, wherever he was.

Toxin’s cackling laughter echoed around his foe.
“My weaknesses are also my strengths.” He said, his voice steely.

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“You may think so.” sneered Plague Knight, as a faint purple aura began to appear around him

“You think that age makes you wiser, but that is what makes you weaker. Times change, Toxin. And you haven’t adapted.” Plague Knight said, as he discharged a powerful blast of purple energy at Toxin.

The gas dispersed and Toxin formed behind the knigh, throwing a powerful punch.