Kyran formed a shield, as did Rohan.

“Take him out!” Kyran grunted at the rest of the Heroes.

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Luxatium easily dodges between the stars and fires his own blast of intense light. “Slow.” Luxatium critiques. He follows it with lightspeed attacks.

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“You’ll be surprised through what we have lived through and experienced,” Magnus said as he took one step forward, pointing Soulbreaker at him.

Magnus placed Soulbreaker on his back and suddenly his hands created yellow circulars and threw them at the small vortex of Absolute Nothingness, those yellow circles were portals that sent the vortex of Absolute Nothingness at the Architect himself.

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Dr. X tries to ‘dive deeper’ into the energy of the Architect, virtually trying to draw from the source directly rather than to try using the residual field around it. He does falter a bit as he moves to avoid the vortex.

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The Architect caught the blast in his arms, rolling it up into a ball and throwing it back at Luxatium in an explosive grenade of energy.

The Architect, not even looking behind him, teleported the vortexes with Ignotium Energy. They reappeared at sides of Magnus, erasing the ground it came into contact with and opening a wide crater beneath him.

“**You seek to understand the nature of the energies. To control them. Yet they are your enemy all at the same time.” He said, using the Crimson to peer into Dr. X’s mind and try to see his flaws and fears.

A shame you will never know.” said The Architect, blasting a beam of Xalnergy at Doug.

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Magnus looked down and quickly flew out of the way and hovered above the ground and started at the Architect.

He took Soulbreaker and held it with both hands and he suddenly flew in a blink of an eye at the Architect and slashed with Soulbreaker in a vertical position at his chest with the blade, itself glowing into a dark purple color using a slight portion of the sword’s true power that can destroy a soul to attempt in creating a deep wound across the Architect’s chest.

White Hood looked around him, watching how the battle unfolded. “If you are so much of a God, why don’t you snap us out of existence?” He asked as he ran. “Better, if you are all knowing why fight us?”



A slash would indeed be created, but immediately closed back up. It was like trying to cut the ocean with a sword.

…Very well, if you insist.” The Architect said.
With a snap of his fingers, Absolute Nothingness rained down from the sky towards everyone on the ground. If even one drop were to come into contact with anyone, they would be instantly erased from existence like a stain wiped off a counter.

Doug was Unfortunate enough to have been drenched by the AN drops.

Wait, had he even been here?

Magnus looked at the gaping wound before it healed back up. “It’s like fighting an ocean…” He muttered to himself until White Hood said something he shouldn’t have. “Jack, no! don’t!!” He called out.

Magnus placed Soulbreaker on his back before landing on the ground. “Everyone, come towards me!” He said as he was casting a magical spell, suddenly a black hole appeared above everyone and it absorbed the raining Absolute Nothingness drops before it suddenly began sucking Architect, in attempting to suck him in the hole.

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The Architect would be drawn into the black hole. However, he crawled right back out, stretching the black hole open from inside with his hands.

Then, literally clutching the back hole in his hands, The Architect hurled it at Magnus like a baseball pitcher.

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The rain fell onto an empty spot, one that has, and always had been, empty.

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Whatever Magnus could summon he could also send it back. Magnus clapped his hands and they glowed with light as the black whole turned into a pair of little birds flying around.

“Very…” Magnus replied as he was running towards the Architect and cast another spell, this time golden chains erupted from the ground and in attempt trying to wrap around his limbs…

…while from above a large circle appeared that was larger than the Architect himself, summoning both Primordial Energy and Xalnergy combined into their purest form and came down crushing at him, in attempt to hurt him.

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The Architect saw he feared a lot but much of it stemmed from one thing: failure; failure to save his home, failure to his goal of helping others, failure to stop this deitic being.

But that fear was being combated by resolve and determination that no matter what happens, Dr. X would do everything he could to try and stop the destruction of the Multiverse.

He didn’t really seek to control the Energies, more to help them reconcile with one another and to try showing them that total destruction wasn’t wholly needed, Kreel was the root of much of the unbalance and stopping her would help pave the way to the Multiverse having a shot at harmony and the Energies being free to ‘sing’ their song together as they once did, maybe even make a more beautiful one.

“I may not understand them completely but I know they are a family driven apart by clashing personalities and a betrayal; maybe you caused that betrayal so long ago or maybe you didn’t but I’m fighting not for myself or even my people.” Dr. X said, “I am fighting for what’s right and for all who seek to make the best of their own lives and to uplift the lives of all others around them. By trying to erase everything, you are my enemy and I will do all I can to try and stop you, even if I die; I die knowing I fought for what is right: for life and harmony, with all the strife and conflict of differing opinions and views that help to create that harmony.”

“Harmony isn’t all one thing or another, but the result of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts and all having the opportunity to help and benefit the whole.” He said, trying harder to invite the Energies themselves to help them, to try harmony…even if it takes a long time to achieve.


Luxatium swings it back around. “Nice try.” He says.

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IC: Axiom has no idea what is going on, and remains on the ground, though he moves into a sitting position as he attempts to regather his strength.


Akem focuses his energy into a beacon of sorts sending a unique wave out into the multiverse.
“Angelica! Time for Plan C!”

Akem stands readying the beacon, any id would be able to feel the wave of ignotium energy, though it was unlikely they knew what it meant.

Null felt the wave, he felt the disturbance. The looming shapeless figure stood and motioned to the horde of krito fer by his feet. His body was like that of a black hole, bending space and light around it, almost like a glass figure. Null bends down to the Krito fer.
“Your brother Akem, calls for your help. Rokem, Akokem, Kakam, generals of my armies it is time for our war.”
The looming figure turns around resting his hand on a stone throne,
“Do not do anything unless I command it. Rokem, I expect you will obey, although I understand Akem is your child.”

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The Architect raised up a single hand, stopping the blast and holding it up in the air like a pillar. Absorbing the energies, The Architect then channeled them through his hands and blasted them at everyone.

This time, The Architect blasted a powerful beam of Xalnergy at Luxatium.

Taghiat Quasia clenched his claws.
Enough Of This! If anyone will destroy The Multiverse, it’ll be me!” he roared, charging towards The Architect.
Well, if it isn’t the ■■■■■■■ child of Kreel and The Seraphim. I’ll admit you are strong, but your power pales in comparison to my own.” The Architect said as Taghiat charged forth.
Taghiat leapt into the air at The Architect, his fist raised up and poised to strike a blow. However, The Architect caught Taghiat’s fist mid-swing, and twisted his wrist as he slapped him across the face, causing Taghiat to spurt out Six drops of his substance as he was hurled back to the ground violently by The Architect.

Next, Seraph Michael attempted to strike the Architect. Charging up a large and powerful beam of light, he blasted forth. But this attack did not even so much as make him flinch. The Architect responded by hurling Xalnergy at Michael, not enough to hurt him but definitely enough to sting.

“We are getting nowhere! There has to be some kind of attack to weaken him!” Mark said aloud.

Magnus took Soulbreaker and used it to cut down the energy into two beams as they hit the ground but not Magnus…

“If I knew…I would have told you.” Magnus said as he held Soulbreaker and charged it up for a moment, it began to glow in a golden color…

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Why are you even trying anymore? This is beginning to become redundant…” The Architect said with boredom. His body slowly but suddenly began to change color, a thin and faint pitch black silhouette surrounding his body.

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As the Architect spoke, the Soulbreaker blade was charging, and charging as he lowered himself, his visor narrowed and dead set on the Architect.

“As long as I live I will not give up hope. Because even though you are an Absolute Being…remember this, Architect. That even Gods can bleed!” He let out another war cry.

As he leaped towards the Architect incredibly fast, one might blink and miss him as he was charging towards him. Swinging his sword in a horizontal way in attempting to cut the Architect’s body in half.

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Magnus should watch what he was doing in this moment, for that black silhouette surrounding The Architect, that was a lining of Absolute Nothingness. As Soulbreaker came into contact with his chest, at least one atom of the blade would be erased from existence.
Magbus would have to react quickly abd pull Soulbreaker away from The Architect if he wished to not have it be erased from existence.